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Gay Filipinos Using Blackmail to Earn Big – Be Safe and Verify

A few years ago, the Philippines was ranked as one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. It is no secret that the Philippines is a very religious country. As one of the only Christian nations in all Asia, the weight of their catholic beliefs has a great impact in the rest of the […]

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Private Investigations in the Philippines: Prevention is the Best Tool

Too often, our private investigators in Manila and Cebu are working on cases where the people or companies involved have already lost money, efforts and time to a fraudulent situation or individual. As a private investigation firm, it is hard to confirm and report to our clients that they have been victims of online scam […]

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Why Some People are More Vulnerable to Online Scams

The year 2014 set record numbers in terms of victims of online scams. Even though every day there are much more warnings on the internet regarding the risks, people continue to fall victim. Philippines investigators have reported a significant increase in internet fraud for last year.  But why? Where you come from is important No […]

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Philippines Telemarketer Fraud – Don’t Be a Victim

You have probably heard of all the reasons to be cautious online when it comes to your financial information. Phishing scams, online dating fraud and empty investment opportunities are just a few of the ways that victims are taken advantage of when it comes to the internet. Fraud exists in other forms of communication though, […]

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Philippines Online Dating Thriving, Despite High Risk

It is no secret that Filipinas are amongst the most popular women for men seeking a foreign bride.  A simple search on the internet will show thousands of sites that promise you can meet the Filipina of your dreams, and endless lists of the top places to meet them. It is good to see that […]

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Fake Passports and Visas Thrive in the Philippines

The Philippines is famous for great beaches and a wonderful culture, and unfortunately, it is getting attention from other not so attractive characteristics.   It is known for being a place where anything can be accomplished for the right price. “Fixers” are all around, and as a result of widespread fraud, many Filipinos and foreigners have […]

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