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Surveillance Services

Philippine PI™ surveillance services are strictly confidential, discreet and are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. Depending on your unique situation and the evidence you require, we can conduct a complete local investigation and discreet surveillance.  With a team on the ground, investigators can also conduct a Philippines background check on the subject for detailed and complete evidence.  All our investigators and operatives are highly trained professionals with state of the art equipment. We uncover the evidence for you.

Proper surveillance services are more important than any other type of investigation service.  Surveillance conducted by an untrained individual can lead to serious legal and other problems in the relationship.  With professional agents in Manila, Cebu City, Makati and Davao, we are a leader in Philippines private investigation, background checks and discreet surveillance. All services are strictly confidential. Our surveillance clients receive complete, narrative reporting and daily updates which include time-date stamp photographs and other key evidence.  All investigators are Philippine natives and expert investigators with experience in military or law enforcement.

Concerned about infidelity or a cheating Filipina spouse?

Our highly trained Philippines investigators can discuss with you the best strategy for obtaining the evidence you need.  We obtain key evidence from informants, local agencies and officials, as well as monitor and photograph subjects of investigation.  Our team of expert investigators can verify relationships and daily activity, determine if an individual is honest, and investigate for infidelity.

Need to verify the character and living situation of someone?

The Philippines is a high risk country for marriage fraud, dating scams and infidelity.  If you're considering  marriage to a Filipina, protect yourself with a background check, a complete local investigation and surveillance.  Never send money to any individual you've never met in person or had properly verified by a professional.  We provide our clients with competitive pricing, discreet investigations, and superior client service. Our surveillance and local investigations uncover key evidence on character, reputation, background and relationships.  Philippine PI™ is now the largest detective agency in the Philippines.  Learn more about our services.  Contact us for a free quote today.


Philippines Surveillance

  • All of the Philippines
  • Due diligence cases
  • Surveillance of facilities
  • Fraud and scam prevention
  • Identity & character check
  • Identification of risk factors
  • Confidential and discreet
  • Infidelity and divorce
  • Romance scam check
  • Pre-marital services

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