Philippines Private Investigators & Background Checks

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Is my personal information safe and confidential with Philippine PI?
All client information is strictly confidential and protected with Philippine PI. Please read our Privacy Policy for additional information about how we use SSL encryption and other methods to protect your data.  We also maintain an ‘A’ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Is it safe to share my email address and personal data with Philippine PI?
Absolutely. Your email address will never be shared, sold or left unprotected. You will also never receive any unsolicited e-mails from our organization. All information shared with us for a case is protected and secured at all times, via data encryption, firewall technology, password protected systems and secure Philippine PI facilities.  Philippine PI takes privacy very seriously, and our website is certified by Truste. Click on the Truste seal on our home page to verify.

What is the turnaround time?
In most cases, 7 days. Depending on your specific need for information, some case turnaround times may require more or less time.

Can I find references for Philippine PI?
Absolutely. Find out what many others are saying about our Company by searching Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo for ‘Philippine PI’.

What can I expect from your surveillance, investigation or background check?
Clients can expect 100% confidentiality, professional private investigations, and narrative results in 7 days or less.

How is Philippine PI different from other private investigation services?
Philippine PI only hires professional investigators with a proven track record in military and/or federal law enforcment.  We use prudent and seasoned Philippines private investigators to conduct investigations. We are verified by Truste, McAfee and the U.S. Better Business Bureau, ensuring a high level of trust and accountability.  Our experience enables us to uncover the truth like no other company. If you are looking for a professional investigation company you can trust, we can help.

How much does it cost?
Each of our investigations is unique and a custom built case, depending on our client’s need for information and evidence. Rates depend on the specific case and region. Philippine PI professional, confidential investigations cost 20% to 30% less than our competitors. For detailed and specific pricing, please contact one of our investigators. Now matter who you choose, read our important Philippines Investigator Advisory. Don’t be a victim of a fraudulent investigator or amateur with no experience.

Are Philippine PI investigators qualified?
Our diverse team of professionals focus on results and client satisfaction. Experience has made us number one in the Philippines. Most of our investigators have experience in U.S. federal law enforcement, U.S. military and/or Philippine police or military, and all are natives of the Philippines. Only Philippine PI has the support and contacts within the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation), AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines), DFA (Department of Foriegn Affairs), PNP (Philippine National Police), BI (Bureau of Immigration), embassies and the NSO (National Statistics Office) in Manila. Our firm also, when appropriate, coordinates wtih former and active Philippine law enforcement officers.

Where is Philippine PI located?
Philippine PI has agents throughout the Philippines with headquarters based in the United States. Our regional professional investigators and agents are in Manila, Quezon City, Cebu City, Makati, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Hong Kong and Singapore. All Philippine field investigators are natives of the Philippines and available for Philippine background checks, private investigation and surveillance. To ensure quality results, Philippine PI™ does not outsource work or investigations to any third party.

Does Philippine PI conduct investigations outside of the Philippines?
We operate in all of Southeast Asia. For investigations involving other countries, please contact Wymoo International.

Can Philippine PI uncover evidence of fraud and help me recover losses?
Yes we can. Philippine PI specializes in fraud prevention and bringing criminal operations to justice. We also aid clients in recovering their losses and preventing future victims. Many of our investigators are former NBI agents or retired Philippine police investigators, and we coordinate with law enforcement.

How do I change my information or submit new documents on my case?
Please contact your investigator directly and he or she will be happy to assist you.

Need additional help?
Need help with a Philippines background check or investigation?  We can help answer all your questions.  Please send us an email or contact your investigator directly for prompt assistance.  We can also schedule a phone conversation if you prefer. For new clients, be sure to get a free quote.