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Philippine PI™ provides Philippines private detective services to uncover important evidence that meets the needs of our global clients. We assist individuals and corporate clients to reduce the risk from fraud and scams, and we specialize in verifying relationships. We offer a wide range of services such as due diligence, missing persons, Philippines background checks, dating verifications and surveillance.  When hiring a private detective, it's important to go with a verified company you can trust.  Our detectives help you get the evidence.

Hiring a private detective in the Philippines can be a challenging task.  With so many fraudulent websites and untrained individuals claiming to offer detective services, it's important to research your options carefully.  Our team consists of highly trained investigators throughout the Philippines, who have experience in law enforcement and/or military. Our U.S. management team ensures superior client service and state of the art equipment, so we get the job done right the first time. No other Philippines investigation firm has the support, resources and highly trained investigators like Philippine PI™.  And yes, we're also verified by TrustPilot and the U.S. Better Business Bureau.

Need a private detective to investigate a legal or personal matter?

Doing business in the Philippines and need some due diligence? Hiring in Asia and need a pre-employment check? Need to have an online romance verified? Need an asset search?  We offer competitive pricing, comprehensive services and expert investigations. Now the largest private detective agency in the Philippines, Philippine PI is the trusted source for professional private investigation.

In a situation that requires important evidence and information?

No matter what your situation and your need for evidence, chances are we can help you find a solution and achieve your objectives.  For criminal cases, we coordinate with law enforcement.  In other cases, we rely on our highly trained detectives, and we coordinate with government agencies throughout the country.  For surveillance, we have the highest trained investigators in the country with the proper equipment.  In due diligence and background check cases, we can verify any individual or company on a comprehensive scale.  To learn more about our services, speak to one of our professionals about how we can help you.  Contact us and get a free quote today!


Philippines Detectives

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  • Legal and personal cases
  • Pre-marital and infidelity

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