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Private Investigations in the Philippines: Prevention is the Best Tool

Private Investigations in the Philippines: Prevention is the Best Tool

Too often, our private investigators in Manila and Cebu are working on cases where the people or companies involved have already lost money, efforts and time to a fraudulent situation or individual. As a private investigation firm, it is hard to confirm and report to our clients that they have been victims of online scam or other crimes, but it happens all the time.  In a perfect world, more clients would seek out the assistance of a private investigation company sooner, to avoid problems in the first place.  The truth is, private investigations are an excellent prevention tool.

“We do our best to let people know about the real dangers of a certain situation, but many react until it is too late” says William Carter, VP of Private Investigators at Philippine PI™. Although investigators wish people would come to them sooner, or take action as soon as they feel uneasy about a certain situation, the reality is that people often take too long to make the decision of whether or not to proceed with an investigation.   Investigators say don’t wait until damage is done, don’t delay.

“It is common that people who contacted us for a background check in the Philippines, and didn’t want to proceed right away, and then contact us again and tell us they wish they had done it the first time they inquired about it” adds Carter. Many people who have gone through a scam situation have an inner battle between trusting the other party –someone usually that has become very close to them- and what their own instinct tells them.   Experts say there is  no need to feel bad about having a background check done on someone.  The simple fact is you have to protect yourself.

Under any circumstance in which a person suspects being a victim of fraud, or when taking important decisions in life –marriage, new business deals, investments, hiring, etc- our recommendation will always be the same: verify the facts and get clear evidence to make an informed decision.

Prevention is extremely important in order to avoid the risk of fraud and scams, especially in a country like the Philippines. Most of the victims of online fraud or other crimes never get to recover their losses, and instead may incur in a lot more expenses when trying to recover their losses than what they would have spent by investing in the proper investigation tool to mitigate their risk.

This is why the Philippine PI investigation team would like to share the situations where hiring a private investigation firm will be a lot of help in preventing potential damages:

  1. Verifying a business: A business, like a person, has a past and a culture and interacts with many people every day. However what you see may not truly mirror what the business is all about. Private investigators can conduct company verifications and due diligence to deliver evidence that you’re starting business with a reputable entity.
  2. Avoiding Philippines love scams: Whether you met your Mr. or Ms. Perfect online or offline, these days it pays to be cautious. How do you know the individual you met over the internet, or at a bar, is truly who he or she claims to be? You don’t. Clients rely on private investigation companies to conduct a comprehensive dating background check that verifies education, employment, address, criminal and court records, ID or passport, date of birth and more. Investigators also screen the case for fraud and identify risks. At the end of a case, you know far more and are far safer.
  3. Hiring someone new: False CV and backgrounds do occur and put your company at risk. Companies who are serious about protecting themselves and hiring only the best take these verifications seriously. Professional investigators verify employment candidates in detail, and determine if the individual is competent and qualified, before you commit. Protect your company and make better hires!
  4. Checking for infidelity: Although infidelity is not something that can always be prevented, investigators in the Philippines can conduct surveillance so people can make better decisions in relationships, and prevent things from getting out of control. Knowing the activities or relationship status or living situation of a girlfriend, spouse or partner is critical.

Prevention is the key to making wise decisions in life. Let professional investigators help you get the evidence you need!  Contact us today for a free and confidential quote.

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