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Philippines Online Dating Thriving, Despite High Risk

Philippines Online Dating Thriving, Despite High Risk

It is no secret that Filipinas are amongst the most popular women for men seeking a foreign bride.  A simple search on the internet will show thousands of sites that promise you can meet the Filipina of your dreams, and endless lists of the top places to meet them. It is good to see that there is a wide variety of options to choose from, but people are forgetting to be careful when dating online.  Many online dating and social network users simply aren’t aware of the risk for fraud and scams.

Philippine PI investigators have found that many people turn to a dating background check after being scammed, and not as a preventive measure. Every day, people talk to strangers online and tell them everything about their personal life without stopping to think that the person on the other side is a complete stranger, and possibly a criminal. The physical distance gives people a false sense of security, which results in people being more naïve and trusting than in their offline life.  But being cautious online is just as important as it is on real life.  Scammers are targeting you.

The consequences of being careless online can be terrible. Online dating gone bad can lead to financial trouble, blackmail, identity theft, sexual assaults and more. The below are some common mistakes people make when they meet someone online from the Philippines:

  1. Believing the profile. It happens all the time and not only to those who date Filipinas. It is common for an online dater to read the profile and assume the other person is being honest about their description. Many assume that there can be some lying, however they think lies are related to just the weight or the looks. Once they meet their date on video chat and prove that the looks were not a lie, men forget that there are many other risks involved. Many Filipinas do not lie about their appearance, but they use fake identities and lie about the rest of their lives. Some hide they have a family, husband and children, and promise they will get married to their online companion. Finding out if someone is real is the first step into dating safely. Once the relationship moves forward and if wedding plans arrive, consider surveillance in the Philippines to confirm that her life truly goes as she described.  Don’t be a victim of fraud.
  2. Sharing too much information. Before running a background check and verifying the person you are talking to is who she says she is, do not share too much information with her. It is important to keep important things to yourself, especially details like your real address, where you work and your financial details.  Anything you say to a stranger online can and is often used against you. And it doesn´t matter how authentic or cute someone may seem, the truth is that scammers are all around trying to figure out your weak spot in order to profit.
  3. Believing the stories. Filipina online dating scammers have practice and lots of experience in making up stories about hardship. It is not uncommon to find poverty or hardship situations in the Philippines, but any situation where you are being asked to help should raise a red flag. Scammers have long made up the most amazing stories just to get cash out of you, so if you for any reason are being asked to send money, stop right there and verify the facts. Sending money is a big mistake, even if you think it is the first time she asked after a long time, and even if it is a small amount. Once you sent the first time money requests won´t end.

Investigators in Manila and Cebu recommend individuals to use Philippines background check services as a means of prevention and not as a means of loss recovery. When meeting someone online you like, don´t wait until the damage is done.  Be smart and verify individuals early in the relationship.

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