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Online Dating Fraud Expanding in the Philippines

The Philippines is known worldwide as a high risk country when it comes to internet fraud, especially because of the thousands of cases of internet romance scams originated in the Philippines that affect mostly foreigners in developed countries. Although this scheme is pretty old and known by now, lots of people still fall victim and […]

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Philippines Marriage Fraud: How It Works, How to Avoid It

Having a nice and successful marriage is one of the goals that millions of adults share in the whole world.  That is why every year thousands of men  and women engage in online dating sites and travel to other countries, looking for the love of their lives.  The Philippines just happens to be one of […]

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Dating, Extortion and Money Laundering in the Philippines

If you ever thought that the worst that could happen to you when dating a Filipina online was losing a few bucks, you´re wrong!  Online dating can be a very dangerous activity if you do not take precaution and use the tools available to avoid being victim of fraud, scams and other crime. Thousands of […]

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Philippines Online Dating – The Risks of Seeking the Perfect Match

The search for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect is certainly more convenient online nowadays. Many people, especially mid-aged, divorced and widows are just not willing to face the inconveniences of having traditional dates. Most of these people do not have the time it takes to go out since they have many responsibilities, so having an intense […]

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