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Philippines Marriage Fraud: How It Works, How to Avoid It

Philippines Marriage Fraud: How It Works, How to Avoid It

Having a nice and successful marriage is one of the goals that millions of adults share in the whole world.  That is why every year thousands of men  and women engage in online dating sites and travel to other countries, looking for the love of their lives.  The Philippines just happens to be one of the countries leading the way in the world of online dating and match-making.

In this quest, the Philippines has become one of the most popular destinations for men looking for romance and eventually a long lasting relationship. Meeting a Filipina online, traveling to meet her in person and making plans to marry her is not uncommon anymore. The bad news is that marriage fraud in the Philippines is not uncommon either, and foreigners need to be alert and cautious when dating a Filipina.  As many women as there are looking, there are thousands of victims.

Although the majority of single women in the Philippines are genuine and good people, there are some that have been working hard on making profits out of the hard earned money of their victims. These women lure their victims with promises of love, but their real intention is to obtain financial gain or an immigration status that will allow them to live and stay in another country.  Either way,  marriage fraud is a crime and there is punishment for the perpetrators. But what is more important, marriage fraud can be avoided.  Contact a professional investigator if you’ve met someone online.

How does marriage fraud in the Philippines work?

According to local private investigators in the Philippines, there are many types of marriage fraud taking place in the country. As mentioned before, some of the fraudsters are looking for money, others are just looking for a better future in another country.

Regardless of the case, most Filipina fraudsters look for their victims online. Social media and online dating sites are the perfect ground to meet people who are looking for a relationship, so fraudsters use these means as their main starting point. It is also important to keep in mind that although the Internet is their main ally, many are also trying to catch their prey locally.

Essentially, the victims of marriage scam come from developed countries like the United States, Australia, Canada or the U.K. The criminals target men from these countries because it is more likely that their financial situation is good enough to support their money requests, or simply because marrying them will open the gates to their home countries.  The fact that the victims are far also helps the fraudsters have a space to work with several victims at the same time.

Marriage scammers know that building trust takes time, and they will spare no effort to catch their prey.  Criminals take their time to let the victims “know them” and grow affection. Constant love promises and tests to demonstrate how sincere their love is will also be part of the setup. Once the victim is fully into the relationship, the fraudster will know it is time to start requesting financial assistance or help with a visa application process.  Criminals have endless combinations and methods to scam victims, and every person in the Philippines should be verified when the relationship begins online.

How to avoid being victim of marriage fraud?

Not all women in the Philippines are scammers. Unfortunately it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between an honest woman and a marriage scammer. For many victims, finding out the difference is a matter of time. Once things go bad and her real intentions surface, it’s already too late.

So waiting to see what happens is not an option. A relationship involves time, effort and money, and no one can afford to waste any of the above in a scammer. Professional investigators  advise that the best thing to do when meeting a Filipina (online or in person) is to hire a dating background check in the Philippines. An investigation of this kind will provide enough initial information to at least know that the person you met is who she claims to be, and is being honest about the basics of her life: identity, work, education, marital status, etc.  A background check will help  you have a better picture of your potential Filipina girlfriend, and will help you avoid identity thieves from the beginning.

When your plans start to become serious, consider surveillance in the Philippines. Marriage fraudsters in the Philippines live double lives. Having a fraudsters followed will reveal if she has another relationship, or if there is any strange behavior that might give you a hint of her real intentions.

Be safe!  Contact us today for a free and confidential quote.

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