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Dating Background Checks Preventing Love Fraud in Philippines

Dating Background Checks Preventing Love Fraud in Philippines

Philippine PI™ investigators have been working for a long time in solving romance scam and infidelity cases. Many have been clear cases of fraud, while others have been real love stories. But the lessons learned have been very important and useful for both clients and our investigation team.  In other cases, there is no clear line between fraud and true love, where a subject is who she claims to be, but is openly seeking someone who can support her and give her a better life (money and immigration).  The job of a professional private investigation firm is to give clients evidence and information, so ultimately, clients can make an informed decision on their own, and know the risks.

Meeting people online has become extremely popular because it fits better in people´s life. Work and other responsibilities demand a lot of time an energy. People are all so busy that they hardly have time to go out for fun, reducing the chances of meeting people in the old fashioned way. Online dating makes it simple, but it is also a dangerous game. Reports or scam and fraud make that clear.  There have been too many victims of Philippines online dating scams in the last year, especially from developed countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Thankfully, now dating background checks are growing in popularity as a valuable tool to help minimize the risk.

Dating investigation services can help clients verify if the person who they are dealing with is who he or she claims to be. For a long time, our professional background check team worked on investigating Filipinas who had already provided clear enough signs of being scammers. Victims in the past used to resist the idea that something like this could happen to them or that the amazing person they fell in love with could be a criminal in real life. Ignoring the red flags would only make things worse, but some people still do not learn the lesson even after being scammed more than once.

However, more and more people today understand the risks of online dating, and prefer to verify the facts before making any big decision or deciding to invest any money or time in a relationship. Part of the change in this behavior comes from the awareness that have been promoted by victims, the media and authorities. The romance fraud business has grown exponentially, turning it into an endemic problem in many different countries. But at the same time, the fact that this criminal activity was getting out of control has brought the attention of many people who have online or long distance relationships with Filipinas.  They are now being more careful and taking precautions.

There is no shortage of honest and beautiful women seeking real romance in the Philippines with foreigners, but the scammers and gold diggers are often hard to detect. Dating background checks have become a primary tool for all those who want to avoid being scammed, heart-broken or involved in other types of trouble.   For those who hope for the best, and do not verify, often the relationships or scams can end terribly, resulting in divorce and serious money lost.

Online dating checks are a preventive measure to make sure you are safe in the world of online dating.  This is certainly a good first step of precaution. Philippines background checks seem to be the most effective answer to minimize the risk in the country.   Scammers are professional criminals that have the “know-how” to gain people´s trust and eventually get a financial gain, whether they ask for it or not.  But when the other party is prepared and willing to invest in an investigation, fraudsters won´t have a chance to reach their goals.  It often takes a professional to determine if the person you’re communicating with is legitimate or fraud, and this is what a background check can do for you.

For those who are new to the online dating world, we have two popular phrases for you: “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” and “it is better to be safe than sorry”. Prevention won´t harm anyone. Getting the evidence you need will always be a smart move!  Last but not least, never send money or personal data to anyone you’ve never met in person, for any reason, period.

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