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Top Reasons to Hire a Dating Background Check in the Philippines

Top Reasons to Hire a Dating Background Check in the Philippines

There are countless successful stories of people who met their Philippines partner online and their relationship turned into a happy marriage. Today, thousands enjoy the benefits of the Internet to find love.  Online dating has expanded the social circle of many people, it makes things easier for those with common interests to find one another with little effort.  However, while many online daters have good intentions, others do not.   For many, money is the only motivator.

The Philippines is one of the riskiest countries for online and long distance relationships. Local criminals make online dating a way of life. They spend hours every day chatting to several different people and convincing all of them that they are their one and true love. The effort pays better than most jobs in the Philippines, so it is likely that this way of life will continue to be popular within Filipina women.

Here are some of the top reasons to hire a dating background check in the Philippines:

To avoid scammers

The most obvious reason of all. You can resort to the Internet to find true love online, but be wary of romance scams!  Once a scammer is confident that you trust them, they will ask for financial assistance. Make sure you never share your financial information or personal data with someone you met online and never send funds to a stranger. Even if that person hasn’t asked for money you are not safe. There are many ways to be a victim.  It’s best to verify the person’s true identity and intentions, and not to share details until you have reliable evidence that this person is being honest.

To avoid married people

Getting divorced is not an option in the Philippines. The closest option is an annulment. Checking marriage records will help you obtain evidence on whether or not your online partner is taking you for a ride. You don’t want to get involved with a person who claims he or she is single, but is not.  Lying about their marital status is not a good sign.

To avoid people with a criminal past

You probably don’t want to get involved with a criminal.  A background check investigation in the Philippines will identify people with past convictions, but more importantly, will verify if the person is who he or she claims to be, and give you clear evidence to keep you safe.  Some dating sites do their best to protect their users by blocking certain users, but no dating site is 100 percent safe.

To find out if your partner has financial troubles

You might not be excited about dating a person with serious financial problems, and you are not alone.  Financial issues might not be a deal-breaker, but it is important to know what you will be facing. Particularly important for those who intend to help.

To confirm the identity of your online partner

When people use online dating sites, or head to a chat room, they have no idea who they are really talking to.  Someone claiming to be a thirty-year-old single woman living in Cavite, Manila or Cebu could actually be a middle-aged, married man living in another country.  Be careful who you chat with online, and don’t share personal information until the subject has been verified.

To avoid wasting your time

Victims invest a lot of time and effort in fake online relationships. Instead, hire a local private investigator in the Philippines and rely on the facts. There are plenty of useful things you can be doing with your time. Wasting it on a fraudster is not a great idea.

When you know exactly who you are dealing with online, you can be free to let your emotions take over. Don’t let yourself become a victim to online dating fraud.   Be safe.

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