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Philippines Surveillance: A Key to Protect Your Business

Philippines Surveillance: A Key to Protect Your Business

Most of the time when we think about surveillance we picture infidelity cases. However, surveillance has many other applications, including corporate investigations, business due diligence, insurance fraud, criminal cases and more. Companies nowadays have tremendous pressure upon themselves in regard to every field: they need to be competitive, they need to be sustainable, they need to have high ethical standards, they need to be appealing to the consumers, etc. It is complicated to keep up with the expectations of consumers, stockholders, and communities. Thankfully, there are helpful resources that can make the process easier and one of these tools is surveillance.

When and why would a company require surveillance in the Philippines? The cases where surveillance can help are many, but the following are some of the most frequent reasons for businesses to hire a reputable investigator to conduct professional surveillance.

Suspected fraud by a company member or business partner

Sadly, the Philippines does not have a great reputation regarding fraud, bribery and corruption. According to a survey, fraud cases in businesses in the Philippines nearly doubled in the last two years, pushing reported economic crimes in the country to its highest level. Asset misappropriation emerged as the top economic crime experienced by organizations at 53 percent, followed by business misconduct at 38 percent, procurement fraud at 35 percent, and accounting fraud at 29 percent. Tied are bribery, corruption and fraud committed by consumers at 24 percent. The figures are daunting, which is why many companies have decided to keep a closer eye on what employees and business partners are up to when fraud is suspected. In these cases, surveillance can help detect any suspicious encounters or ties to known criminals.  Expert investigators can observe company representatives, verify physical offices and operations, check reputation and activity and spending, and uncover key evidence.

Verification of company operations and standards

International companies investing in the Philippines, or those who are about to seal a deal with a Philippines company, would want to verify that the operations are in good standing with the law, and that they comply with the regulations and the expectations of consumers and the company’s ethics code as well. In these cases, surveillance can be helpful to verify if the company follows adequate protocols, if the employment conditions are good, if they apply good waste management practices, etc. All of this is part of a due diligence process that companies nowadays follow, not only to ensure that their investment will be safe, but also to protect a company’s reputation. It is clear that consumers are now demanding corporations to be compliant with human rights and sustainability efforts, which is why a company cannot risk doing business with a business involved in child labor, criminal activity, fraud, or other illegal or unethical activity.  Investigators can be your eyes and ears on the ground.

Hiring the right surveillance service

Surveillance is a delicate matter that needs to be handled by professional investigators. Philippine PI offers a team of experienced local investigators with over fifteen years of professional experience and full knowledge of the law. When planning to protect your business, it is important to start by hiring a reputable investigation firm. Contact us to learn more how we can protect your business.

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