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Philippines Surveillance: A Key to Protect Your Business

Most of the time when we think about surveillance we picture infidelity cases. However, surveillance has many other applications, including corporate investigations, business due diligence, insurance fraud, criminal cases and more. Companies nowadays have tremendous pressure upon themselves in regard to every field: they need to be competitive, they need to be sustainable, they need […]

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Guide to Investing Safe in The Philippines

It takes just a few minutes and a quick search on the internet to find all kinds of investment gurus, pretending to guide people on how to be a millionaire in the Philippines in a short period of time. It is well known now that the Philippines is a country full of investment opportunities, especially […]

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Uber and Airbnb: The Sharing Economy Risks

The sharing economy is causing a revolution nowadays that has also hit the Philippines. With Uber and Airbnb as the leaders, this kind of organizations are demonstrating how successful, not only in terms of popularity and the amounts of money they are managing, but they have also proven that people from all around the world […]

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Avoid Corporate and Investigator Fraud in the Philippines

Corporate executives and business owners in the Philippines have a complicated challenge to face in today´s world. Fighting corruption, minimizing economic losses, and promoting transparency is not so easy anymore, especially in a country where corruption and fraud are a common practice and seem to be part of everyday life.  Make no mistake, the Philippines […]

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The Impact of Fraud in the Philippines Economy

Fraud is an evil that afflicts every country in the world. Unfortunately, it plays a greater role in certain developing countries like the Philippines.  A simple internet search these days will show that fraud has become a major problem for society, surpassing most other violent crimes. In the Philippines, the problem does not only affect […]

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Investing in the Philippines: More than Just Numbers

If you are an investor and you are planning to put money in some kind of business or land in the Philippines, stop thinking about the numbers, and consider the risk! Many investors are obsessed with the finances, especially the return of investment and how long will it take to recuperate the investment and start […]

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