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Investing in the Philippines: More than Just Numbers

If you are an investor and you are planning to put money in some kind of business or land in the Philippines, stop thinking about the numbers, and consider the risk! Many investors are obsessed with the finances, especially the return of investment and how long will it take to recuperate the investment and start […]

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What Bitcoin Exchange Can Teach Us about Online Safety

Virtual currency holders around the globe were stunned when Tokyo-based exchange Mt. Gox said it had lost an estimated 850,000 of bitcoin, a virtual currency that is gaining popularity worldwide. With little answers coming from Mt. Gox itself, angry bitcoin holders flocked to internet message boards to declare fraud against the company. Mt. Gox claims […]

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Investing in the Philippines? Don’t Forget Your Due Diligence

Investing overseas can be tricky business full of unknowns.  You suddenly feel the need, and the social pressure, to start thinking about your future. There are too many options out there, you have no idea on what kind of things you should be looking for and everyone wants to give an opinion. Don´t panic. Investment, […]

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