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Investing in the Philippines: More than Just Numbers

Investing in the Philippines: More than Just Numbers

If you are an investor and you are planning to put money in some kind of business or land in the Philippines, stop thinking about the numbers, and consider the risk! Many investors are obsessed with the finances, especially the return of investment and how long will it take to recuperate the investment and start making money. But sometimes, these numbers can be great distractors and they can move our thoughts away from one very important –and basic – investment principle:  risk.

Risk mitigation is not only determined by the stock market, whether or not a stock will increase or fall in a certain period. Risk mitigation is also about lowering the chances of giving your money to a fraudster. Making sure that the company or agent you are dealing with is legitimate and honest  should be a priority before any investment, and it is the reason why professional investigators recommend getting company background checks in the Philippines or even deeper investigations like due diligence when you are planning a big investment with your hard earned money!

Today, some investors are trying to stay away from putting money in big economies like the United States. It is no secret that in most developed countries this is the hardest time ever to invest. People in the U.S. and in Europe are losing their jobs, austerity is the main rule and overall people are scared of the future of global economy. However, emerging countries like the Philippines offer a different landscape, where although unemployment rates continue to be very high, the economy is growing steadily and great opportunities of investment are flourishing.

The potential opportunity in the Philippines has definitely attracted the attention of many investors all around the world, but it is important to remind them that the Philippines is also a country known for fraud and scams. The victims of investment fraud in the Philippines have been many, and it is not easy to determine whether or not something is legitimate or not in this country. There is a wide criminal industry dedicated to forging all kinds of documents, from fake identifications to legal paperwork. Distinguishing a forged deed from a real one is a task for professional investigators, especially given the quality of the work of these criminals.  And, fake websites and false and stolen identities abound.  If you’ve met someone for a personal or business relationship, get them verified.

Investigators from the Philippine PI team in Manila and Cebu have seen a significant rise in the amount of investors requesting evidence that can support their investment. With such a tense environment about the future, more investors are taking risk seriously and are verifying the facts. Some very basic investigations like company background checks can be of great help to determine if a company or their main representatives have been involved in some kind of fraud or illegal practices before.  Due diligence is recommended and essential when investing significant amounts of money or entering into new business relationships, like mergers and acquisitions, or partnerships.

Having a keen eye for good opportunities and big ROI is absolutely great, but being certain that you are dealing with honest people is the most important and should not be overlooked.  Contact our private investigators in the Philippines if you need clear evidence before investing!

Our professional investigators can verify a company and its representative, and evidence can include address and verification of physical offices, company ownership and registration verification, history and reputation, criminal and court records, fraud screening, document and ID verification, assets and bank accounts, operations and clients, identification of risk factors and more.

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