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Philippines Online Dating – The Risks of Seeking the Perfect Match

Philippines Online Dating – The Risks of Seeking the Perfect Match

The search for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect is certainly more convenient online nowadays. Many people, especially mid-aged, divorced and widows are just not willing to face the inconveniences of having traditional dates. Most of these people do not have the time it takes to go out since they have many responsibilities, so having an intense social life is probably not in their list of priorities. But meeting people online is much easier and it can be done with fewer resources, so at the end online dating is a very good option for those who don´t want to give up their search for love.

Recent studies have revealed a growing trend in interracial marriages, with an increasing number of singles looking for partners overseas. Philippines dating sites have been amongst the most popular in the industry, especially within men from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Filipinas have been in the top of the list of preferred matches for long, making Philippines dating sites grow at rates never seen before. But there are many risks associated with online dating in this country, and it is important to verify who is behind a dating profile in the Philippines before deciding whether or not you want to take important steps.  There’s no question it pays to be safe.

For people who are taking a big step –like getting engaged – the priority should be to verify if the person they have been contacting is honest about their identity, their relationship status and their living conditions. A background check in the Philippines will confirm important information like identity, address, employment and education claims. This information may help in the decision making of whether or not it is worth to start thinking about marriage, paperwork, and visas.

One of the most frequent types of scam is the advanced fee fraud, and online romantic relationships create the perfect context for it.  Many Filipinas make promises of getting married and moving to the United States or to the country where the other party is from. Usually, the plans come with a request for financial help to pay for a visa, or for the paperwork involved in the matter. Since the procedures and fees change from one country to another, most people find it logical to have to pay for attorneys and government or migration fees.  However, in many cases the money is not used for these purposes and the scammer uses forged documentation to keep requesting for money.

It is also important to verify if the person is married or was married before, since getting divorced is not an option in the Philippines. Many of the Filipinas in dating sites are married and have their families, and yet they make a living out of dating foreigners online and requesting money to help pay for bills, or because they are having some kind of hardship at the time.   Common law marriages are often normal in the Philippines, so be skeptical even when someone has no civil marriage records.

But the risks are not limited to losing money. Preventing love fraud in the Philippines can also protect people from more serious threats and dangers. Some people travel after having an online relationship for a while, and they fail to get a dating background check before making the trip. Checking for criminal records can save you from far more dangerous situations. Making sure that your ?perfect match’ is an honest person is something that cannot be left behind fi you wish to be safe.

Never travel to the Philippines to meet someone in person that you’ve met online, without first speaking to a professional investigator.  If you’re communicating with a criminal or scammer, traveling to the Philippines could cost you serious money or even physical harm.  Contact us today!

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