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Manila Investigators Reveal the Risk for Hiring Overseas

Manila Investigators Reveal the Risk for Hiring Overseas

The Philippines has been growing as a destination for multinational companies attracted by the talent and English proficiency of the Filipino population. Many other organizations have also found in Manila the perfect place to outsource part of their operations or providers for additional services.

Although the Philippines has its many benefits for foreign companies, Manila investigators are advising employers to proceed with caution in the hiring process. Considering today´s situation in the Philippines with fraud, corruption, bribery and scams, fake resumes and documents, employers must hire professionals who can run proper pre-employment screenings more than ever.

Corruption in the Philippines government has been an on-going problem for years. This situation has permeated all of the Filipino society levels, affecting many other aspects of doing business and even personal matters. In this country, people have learned that anything can be achieved if you are willing to pay the right price.  The situation has caused thousands of problems, and has given the Philippines the reputation as being known as the worst country for fraud and corruption in all East Asia and a leader in the production of forged documents and government issued identifications.  Fake university diplomas, fake ID´s, working licenses, etc. are easily obtainable in Manila or Cebu.

Of course, not everyone is willing to risk their reputation or to be arrested for fraud when looking for a new job.  But corruption is pretty widespread and deep-rooted in the Philippines as it is in other developing countries.  Fraud and corruption have left an adverse impact in the integrity and competency of the country, and it is wise for employers who are considering hiring in the Philippines to take action against this issue.  Minimize your risk and verify with a professional investigator.

Employers are conscious that hiring new employees is always a risky business. However, investigators in the Philippines alert that when you`re looking for foreign talent the risks are even greater.  One of the greatest troubles in the Philippines is with the verification process itself and how reliable is the information you might get on your own. Most human resource and hiring managers lack the investigative skills, access, training and resources to properly mitigate the hiring risks here.

Experienced investigators in Manila have access to official records, and have the know-how to be able to conduct discreet investigations directly at the source while avoiding all the small traps. As mentioned before, the corruption in this country goes all the way to the top government authorities, so finding reliable information is not easy and it requires the expertise of professionals.

Conducting employment background checks in Manila is not only a matter of business intelligence, but also a matter of legal compliance. Investigators also advise employers to be cautious with any official paperwork that may be involved in the hiring process.   Many can be fraudulent.

Regardless of the location within the Philippines of the candidate, it is a good practice to conduct professional background checks and minimize risk with a reputable investigator. The hiring process is costly when it’s done right but you end up with the right professional for the job.  Not doing your due diligence can be far more costly.  Bringing a fraud or criminal into your organization can be devastating, and can result in a lawsuit or even bankruptcy.  Don’t learn the hard way.

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