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Philippines Employment Screening: How to Hire and Invest Safely

Philippines Employment Screening: How to Hire and Invest Safely

The Philippines is now home to many global companies as a result of the capabilities that the country has: educated and English-speaking talent, a very good access to the Internet and technology, and better cost-benefit opportunities than other countries. As businesses thrive, companies need to recruit new people and invest in real estate and technology. Hiring new talent and making a new investment is always a risky business, but also an indispensable step when a business is growing.

Private investigators in the Philippines advise that the safest way to proceed with either a hiring process or a new business contact for an investment is to conduct an international employment screening. Private investigations such as background checks and due diligence help drastically reduce the chances of being victim of a fraud and minimize the risks involved with it, like losing money, having the company’s reputation damaged or putting the employees’ safety at risk.

The risk in the Philippines is high.  The following are some of the most important pieces of information that need to be verified in an employment screening in the Philippines.

Identity verification

With more than 6 million people unemployed in the Philippines, the competition for a position is fierce, especially if it is a good position in a known company. In this context, it is important to make sure the candidate is really who they claim to be, as employment fraud is very high. Do the identity facts and history match the resume? Keep in mind that identity theft is increasing. Failing in this first verification may imply very serious consequences for the company or the executives in charge.  Investigators verify ID and passport samples and check birth records to verify the identity is accurate.

Criminal and court records

Criminal record checks are an important piece of the screening process, but keep in mind it is not the only one! Making sure the candidate has no criminal past is a relief, but it is not the only reason why it is important to check. Legal compliance is very important since certain jobs do require by law clean records. If the company didn’t verify, it could be responsible of negligent hiring.  Checking criminal records alone is not a background check investigation, and is not a verification of the candidate.  Proper verification requires real investigation and verification of many aspects and evidence.

Professional history

Verifying employment history is crucial to understand a candidate’s career. Where did this person work in the past? Are these legitimate companies? Can these companies confirm the position and the period worked there? What additional information can they provide about the candidate? When dealing with a business contact, this step is extremely important as the references companies/clients can provide will be relevant to know if the person is trustworthy and has had a professional past.

Education background

A large percentage of people lie about their education history because nobody ever verifies the information, especially if the candidate is over 40 and went to college or university 20 years ago. Verifying education will not only help reduce the chances of making a serious mistake by employing the wrong person, but it is also a matter of legal compliance.

Deeper investigations and due diligence

Sometimes in-depth investigations are required to have a deeper knowledge of the candidate to reduce your hiring and business risk. For example, checking if the candidate has any financial issues or has filed for bankruptcy in the past may be important to know if they can be trusted in financial positions, managing accounts, project resources, etc.  Independent references are also key.

International employment screenings and background check investigations in the Philippines are a growing trend, and definitely a must if you want to hire and invest safely. Contact our investigation team if you are currently expanding your business and need professional investigation help.

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