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Philippines Employment Investigations Key to Verifying New Asia Hires

Philippines Employment Investigations Key to Verifying New Asia Hires

South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations for companies in expansion and for those searching for outsourcing providers. Even with the global pandemic that is shifting many things, multinational companies in the Philippines will remain in the country and will resume their hiring and business plans. The economic growth in this country is expected to slow significantly this year -as it is happening everywhere else- but a strong rebound in 2021 is also expected.

Sustained public investment in priority projects under the government’s Build, Build, Build (BBB) infrastructure development program, and a rebound in private consumption will drive economic growth in 2021. The current “pause” caused by the health emergency is a good time for employers to make their plans and to be ready for better times. 2021 is around the corner!

Hiring safely requires employment screenings

An important thing to know is that hiring safely in the Philippines requires thorough employment background checks. Before bringing in a person to your company, you need to know if the candidate is who he or she claims to be, not just whether or not the person has criminal records. Investigators in the Philippines say that things can get a little out of control with employee fraud and fake resumes, as there might be many people unemployed and competing for the same position. This can drive the most desperate to lying about their education, experience, certifications or even their identity!

Especially for those who are hiring professionals, verifying employment history, education and identity is essential. Some companies require candidates to present copies of their certificates and ID, but the truth is that recruitment staff may not know well how to identify a forged document from an original. In a country like the Philippines forging documents is easier than finding a job. In fact, if the forgery job was well done no one will be able to distinguish, which is why a local professional investigators in the Philippines needs to verify.

Employment screenings are not as easy as they may seem. It takes a true professional to uncover any fraud situations or other important issues that may greatly affect your company and the rest of the people that work for it.  Do not be fooled by a database search website or criminal records search service claiming to offer background checks in the PhilippinesSpeak to a professional private investigator about how to properly verify a new candidate, and get clear evidence before you hire.  A bad hire can be very costly for an employer and it can be avoided when a professional investigator takes care of the background check. Keep in mind that the current coronavirus situation makes it harder to find reliable information, as government offices can be closed or working under new measures.

Employment screenings are especially important in a country with high rates of corruption and fraud. Do not skip this verification process under any circumstances, and make sure you hire the right professional investigation team to help you. Hiring new talent is always a big step that requires caution. Philippine PI can help with employment screenings in the Philippines and other countries of South East Asia, so contact us if you are planning to hire now or are planning for the future!

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