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Employment Background Check Investigations in the Philippines

Employment Background Check Investigations in the Philippines

The Philippines has grown exponentially as a business destination in the services industry. Many global companies have moved or expanded their operation to the Philippines because of their workforce. Filipinos have a good working knowledge of English as a second language, and they have well educated people in different fields. While providing a decent number of good professionals, the costs of operating in the Philippines are much less than in many developed countries.

For any company that wishes to be successful, hiring the right talent is a priority. Considering today´s situation with fraud, corruption, bribery and scams in the Philippines, employers must be cautious and look for professional assistance to verify any investment or hiring overseas. If your company is currently operating in the Philippines or plans to open a new office in this country, this information from our Philippine PI investigators will be useful. Hiring in a foreign country is never easy, but there are tools and professionals that can help you find the best talent and remain safe.

Knowing how to verify Philippines employment candidates can save your company a lot of money and time. It is important to understand that employment background check investigations in the Philippines are not exactly the same as in the U.S. There are no available or reliable databases that an employer can consult in order to learn about a candidate’s background or to verify an identity. Local private investigators are required to properly verify a potential employee or investment. Why? Because every piece of information needs to be verified directly at the source by a professional who knows the language, has access to local records and evidence, and has the training and resources.

A thorough employment screening would include identity verification (checking birth records, verifying ID, verifying education and employment history, searching for criminal and court records, verifying passport and ID and documents, obtaining and checking references, and more. All of this will have to be done locally by contacting the proper authorities, the previous employers and the schools the subject has attended. Only a professional with experience and access to such information will be able to provide the results you expect. The professionalism and know-how of a trained investigator in the Philippines is critical to obtaining clear evidence, so you can make an informed decision.

Employment screenings are especially important in a country with high rates of corruption and fraud. Do not skip this verification process under any circumstances, and make sure you hire the right professional investigation team to help you. Hiring new talent is always a big step that requires caution. Contact us if you need help verifying your candidates in the Philippines! We will be glad to help your business expand safely by providing relevant and reliable information.

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