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Filipino Nurses in High Demand Around the World

Filipino Nurses in High Demand Around the World

Philippines licensed nurses are in a high demand in developed countries due to talent shortages and the increasing need for health services. With population growing older and the employment and economic difficulties that many countries are having, hiring nurses in the Philippines has become an effective way to meet the need of professionals in this field.

One example is Canada, specifically the province of Alberta, which has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippines to bring registered and licensed practical nurses to the province. According to media, the agreement states that the Philippines will encourage nurses to choose Alberta when looking for international opportunities, and the Alberta government will in turn invest $3.5 million to help all internationally trained nurses get upgraded and placed in a clinical setting faster, while providing financial, educational, and licensing assistance to ease the transition to Canada. These actions are being taken at a time when the healthcare system is understaffed, with hospitals reporting closures due to staffing issues and lengthy patient wait times.

But Canada is not the only one. Germany, Singapore and the UAE are increasing their efforts to attract foreign nurses and other medical professionals by promising expedited visas and a higher pay. While this high nurse demand benefits many professionals and their families, the Philippines is facing a nursing shortage as recent graduates leave for employment abroad. According to a recent article, 60 percent of the Filipino registered nurses work in other countries.

Private investigators in the Philippines warn of the potential risks from increased health workers recruiting, particularly to developing nations. Historically, there have been concerns about the human rights and working conditions of employees recruited overseas, so candidates must be extremely cautious about job opportunities. But hospitals, clinics, elder-care centers and other medical facilities should also consider that there is an increased risk of employment fraud when hiring abroad.

Employment background checks are standard procedure for people who work in the health and care sector in developed countries, but employers are not familiar with the process in the Philippines. Keeping the same level of pre-employment screening in the Philippines is important to lower the risk of fraud or negligent hiring, as well as to be fair and maintain consistency. Furthermore, conducting employee background check investigations is necessary for legal compliance.

Investigators also warn recruiting managers to use caution when handling any official documents. Many people might be dishonest and present forged degree certificates or lie about their previous experience.

Regardless of the candidate’s location, conducting professional background checks and minimizing risk with a reputable investigator, and real evidence, is a good practice. When done correctly, the screening process will lead you to the right professional for the job. Are you thinking about hiring nurses in the Philippines? Contact us!

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