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Philippines Employment Screenings Rise with New Businesses

Philippines Employment Screenings Rise with New Businesses

New international companies select the Philippines as their destination every day. Foreign direct investment flows to the Philippines have risen steadily in the past few years. The country’s best year for foreign investment (of all times) was just a couple of years ago in 2017, and despite the difficulties in 2019 with an uncertain tax reform and its consequences, it has continued to be good. With inflation under control and a revitalized economy, there is optimism that the Philippines growth will continue.  It remains a major country for foreign investment and outsourcing.

The country’s plans to improve the economy rely heavily on infrastructure projects. New highways, bridges and other public infrastructure are meant to attract more and more companies and create business confidence. All this growth translates to an increase in the need for Human Resources, a bigger workforce to sustain business growth, and a greater need for employment screenings.

The following are some tips that our expert Philippines investigators in Manila have put together to help new employers in the Philippines with a smoother, safer hiring process.

Employment screenings are very valuable

Employment background check investigation in the Philippines are not mandatory, and not necessarily a common practice within the local companies. However, international companies usually have strict controls and procedures in place to mitigate risk, which include vetting all new candidates for employment. Anyone new on the team should undergo a background check investigation to be allowed on board if you want to protect your brand. This is a common practice in multinational companies, and a great example to follow even if your business is a middle or small sized business.

Employment fraud is a big problem

Fraud can easily be achieved in a country where forging documents and bribing people is common. On a global scale, it is estimated that 25% of people lie on their resumes. The Philippines is not an exception and the odds of finding a fraud CV could easily be greater when the circumstances allow it. This is the number one reason why more companies are finding employment screenings in the Philippines so important. Professional investigators have seen an important rise in the request for this service, because more employers understand the value of being safe rather than sorry.

Outsource your employment screenings

The professional help from a reputable private investigation firm in the Philippines is essential. Trying to conduct a background check investigation in-house, without the local experience could end up in a disaster and could expose your business to unnecessary risks. Normally, companies don’t have the necessary resources in-house, investigation experience, or the expertise within local government authorities.   After all, Human Resource professionals are not international investigators.  Do not overcomplicate a hiring process with tasks that your business is not prepared to take care of. Focus on the rest of the recruiting process. Attracting the right talent, selecting the best people, and let a local private investigator take care of the screening and verification process.

Consider the risks that terrorism groups imply

Sadly, the Philippines has struggled with Islamic terrorism groups in certain parts of the country. Although this happens mostly in the southern region and not in the economic centers, it’s best to be cautious. Thorough investigations can help identify risk factors, far beyond criminal records.

Real background check investigations in the Philippines means checking name and date of birth to confirm identity, verifying CV or resume, including employment and education history, checking criminal and court records and blacklists, verify any ID or passport samples, and references. 

Contact our Philippines investigation team if you are starting a new business or expanding to the Philippines and need of professional employment screening services.

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