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Employment Screening in the Philippines – What You Need to Know

Employment Screening in the Philippines – What You Need to Know

Employers review the history of their applicants in the Philippines for several reasons. Most companies are aware that performing employment screenings is one of the most effective ways to mitigate risks, but yet many still fail to do it properly.  For all the companies outside the Philippines that are hiring a Filipino national or considering outsourcing, there is significant risk that needs to be addressed.

The legal implications related to negligent hiring are increasing and it is important to keep a safe environment in the company. If an employee’s actions hurt or injure any person, the employer may be liable. Such a threat is one of the reasons why employers are now more willing to have pre-employment checks in place, especially when recruiting for key roles in the company.  Not to mention bad publicity, financial losses, legal damages and even bankruptcy from hiring a fraud.

The increased use of the employment background checks in the Philippines is a clear sign that more companies are aware of the risk, and are taking the steps necessary to improve their odds, when it comes to making the best hiring decision.  Although databases may seem like a fast and simple option, the truth is that the information contained is not reliable and often not available in the Philippines.  To obtain accurate information, and properly verify any individual or candidate, you’ll need a trained professional investigator on the ground in the Philippines who has access to local records.  The Philippines is a developing country, and many records need to be checked manually.

If you think checking criminal records alone is a prudent method of mitigating your risk, think again.  Did you know that nearly 40% of all resumes contain false information?  Did you know that criminals and con artists often assume the identity of a real person, so when you run your verifications, everything checks out?  That’s why it’s important to verify a passport or ID to confirm identity, name and date of birth, and the whole picture with a comprehensive background check investigation.

Making a bad decision at the time of hiring an individual can be very costly, as choosing the wrong applicant can ultimately cause great financial loss and ruin the reputation of the company. Employers can no longer count only on their instincts when hiring.  Faking an employment application and resume is just too easy, and there are many people who are willing to take the risk.

On the other hand, corporate executive positions now face more scrutiny from both their professional and personal lives due to the corporate scandals produced in the past few years. Recent publications have alerted companies about people lying on their resumes, and high rank executives are not an exception. Having the right information on time can save you from serious trouble.

The following are important things to consider when hiring in the Philippines:

Screening for fraud can be complicated and it takes highly trained professional investigators in Manila –or the city of origin – to uncover the evidence. Local investigators speak the language, have contacts in local agencies and know how to access information that you don’t.

Verifying passport and documents is extremely important in a country like the Philippines, where fake documents thrive and forging is something that can be easily achieved in the streets.

Be as detailed as possible in the search for criminal background information. A proper pre-employment screening is not only a criminal check, but this is simple a piece of the puzzle. A proper investigation should reveal and be able to confirm any negative history, but you must be sure you are not violating any hiring laws in the Philippines. Speak to a professional to learn more.

A deep understanding of the jurisdiction in the Philippines will always help.  Knowing the labor laws and the others complications that may apply is part of the considerations in a hiring process and the employment background checks are part of that scope.  This is especially important for foreign companies that are expanding or starting to do business in the Philippines.

Pre-employment screenings in the Philippines may seem like a lot of work, but they are worth every penny and can save your company money in the long run.  You’ll hire better candidates, and grow your business with less risk.  Contact our team today to get a free quote.

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