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Work from Home in Philippines Creating Vulnerabilities

Work from Home in Philippines Creating Vulnerabilities

Companies are facing a lot of challenges right now, and it can certainly be overwhelming for those in leadership roles. The Philippines has been a hub for multinational companies, especially global service centers and call centers. Many of these have had to resort to remote working options given the circumstances, and many companies are now dealing with security problems derived from people working from home. But, do not panic! Here are some guidelines that Philippines investigators want to share to help your team stay safe and protect sensitive business data while working from home.

Establish clear procedures that employees can follow

Many people are becoming vulnerable when working from home. We have more distractions, fewer and poorer security infrastructure, and a very complicated environment when considering family and domestic chores are present. If the procedures are not clear and have not been communicated to everyone, the chances of falling victim are greater. When sending employees home to work, we must have clear protocols.

Make sure the software employees use is secure

Video meeting apps have grown exponentially and are being used as a tool not only to get work done, but also to keep in touch with co-workers and clients. However, it is important to select for work the ones that protect privacy and to learn how to use them correctly to avoid a privacy violation and sensitive data from being leaked through a video conference meeting.  End-to-end encryption is desirable, but even in these circumstances keep in mind the information you share is not 100% secure. Video meeting apps have been the target of hackers these days, so make sure you follow the strictest recommendations in regard to privacy settings, and never share company sensitive data through this channel. Make sure your employees are informed, and not alone.  When not in use, it’s wise to keep some tap over your laptop cameras, as criminal often target webcams.

Work devices are work devices only

Resources are limited, that is a fact, but as much as possible, encourage your team to use their work computer for work only, and have another device for personal use. There is additional risk associated to using the same device for social networks, dating websites, online games, etc. Most scammers and criminals use the vulnerabilities in these websites to obtain critical information stored in the device. Philippines online criminals have been known for their manipulating techniques. The least work devices are used for other purposes, the least chances of putting company data at risk.

Do not avoid or skip background checks

Remote work is not an excuse to forget about the essential security procedures when hiring new talent. On the contrary, employment screenings in the Philippines are more important than ever.  It’s time to be extra careful and extra alert, and to support our employees who work from home, so they can do so safety. Online crime and business fraud never stop.  Conducting proper background check investigations to minimize the risk.

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