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Filipina Model Sites: Home of Scammers and Phishing Traps

Filipina Model Sites: Home of Scammers and Phishing Traps

Not all users of online dating sites are interested in long term relationships. Finding someone to marry is possible, but many people are just trying to have fun.  There is a big industry for fun and romance on the internet, with such a wide range of options there is surely something for everyone.  Even criminals have found the internet to be surprisingly profitable, with scam cases still rising.

Amongst the options for meeting people online, some of the most popular are the Filipina web cam model sites. The users of these chatting and video camera sites are of course aware that the women that participate are there for money. Very few are pretending to be an innocent girl, but things are not so transparent either.  Falling for a cam girl is a high risk venture, and in the Philippines, most of these relationships end in trouble and fraud.  The Philippines is certainly not alone, other countries with lots of cam girls are also causing a serious headache for foreigners.  Countries such as Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Thailand and other operate in much of the same way for adult chatting.

It is very important to be skeptical and cautious, especially since the Philippines is a high risk country for fraud and fake documents.  Don’t assume that just because someone shows you a copy of an ID or passport that the person is honest and is who he or she claims to be.  When someone shows you an ID or passport as “proof” of their identity, be skeptical and contact a professional to verify the information and document.  Internet criminals often use fake ID’s to convince victims.

For those who visit Filipina adult sites, there are some important rules to follow:

Rule #1:  Be careful with links

Most popular websites like social networks, online dating and adult sites are targeted by scammers hoping to find their next victim.  Be aware of this increased risk on these sites, and use the sites accordingly.  Beware of suspicious links, and be careful what you click on.  Many links can and do contain viruses. Some of them are pretty obvious, but others are very difficult to detect.  Downloading anything from these sites can be very dangerous. Some promise more photos of the models posing in the sites or take the user away to other websites where they need to fill out a form or give their credit card information or “verify” their account.  Be careful about clicking on links on unknown sites or strange emails, as they can lead to downloading phishing programs or identity theft.

Rule #2:  Always be skeptical

Our Philippine PI investigators have seen many cases of men who met a Filipina on a chat room, and then got romantically involved with her. Most of the times, the girls invite their victim to keep in touch through other regular messenger services and start to develop an online relationship with them. Many claim that they fell in love and that they want to stop working as a model for these adult service sites, but they cannot do it without financial assistance. Some foreigners have lost thousands of dollars paying for the monthly expenses of whom they believe is their fiancée.  Others are not expecting to get married or don´t have a romantic relationship, but are lured into sending money just to help.

Rule #3: Protect your information

Your personal information is more valuable than you may think, and it´s hard to know what kind of people could be on the other side of the computer. Yes, the lady from the chat room may seem like the sweetest person on Earth, but they could be tied to mafia ring, or be experienced internet criminals. Being selfish with personal information is the best way to ensure that you won´t be a victim of identity theft or other types of online fraud. It is also important to mention that online criminals work with manipulating information that the victims themselves had given them.

Rule #4: Verify the facts

If for some reason you decide that you want to pursue a real relationship with someone you’ve met online, make sure you speak to a professional private investigation company about a background check and verify that what this person says is true. Maybe you feel great about helping a young lady study and get a professional career, but before doing it check that she is being honest.

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