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The Philippines Gold Digger: Why Not to Send Money Overseas

The Philippines Gold Digger: Why Not to Send Money Overseas

Sadly, the Philippines is a country where a lot of people have adopted romance scam and marriage fraud as their way of life. The reasons that have triggered this situation are many, but there are two things that outstand.  Financial incentive seems to have replaced morals and ethics.

For the first part, the Philippines became an attractive destination for foreigners looking for love. Filipinas are amongst the most wanted women worldwide and many women have taken advantage of this fact to use men as their catapult to a better life.  They speak English, many are eager to leave the country to seek a better life, and they are open to meeting with foreigners.

The other reason is the social context, one with such high rates of corruption and fraud that people grow learning that deceiving is not so bad and just another way of living. Therefore, taking advantage of the financial status of a foreign partner is often an accepted social behavior in the Philippines.

How to tell if you are being scammed by a gold digger

If you visited your partner in the Philippines and you are providing money and gifts, or property for you two to live in once you marry, you might already be a victim. Sending money is never a good idea when dealing with international relationships, especially in the Philippines.

Philippine PI private investigators say that the signs of romance or marriage fraud might not be so evident. Filipina scammers can be extremely convincing and can fake interest for months or even years before showing their true self. That is why being cautious and hiring a private investigator can be the best option to understand and learn more about a Filipina partner.

A background check investigation can help by providing critical information like marriage, criminal and court records, family information, employment and education, and more. Evidence about legal trouble in the past is an indication to remain cautious and to investigate further. Also, since divorce is not an option in the Philippines, it might be possible that the person you are dating is still married to an ex-partner, which is why local investigation and surveillance are recommended.

Surveillance services in the Philippines are also an effective method to tell if you are dealing with a gold digger. Normally, when people have long distance relationships with the only goal of obtaining financial gain, they will only fake it when they meet in person. The rest of the time they will continue with their normal life. Understanding the regular whereabouts, the people they hang out with, and checking the relationship status is important to determine the true life and intentions of a person.

Private investigations cannot guarantee on a one hundred percent if someone is only interested in your money, but they can certainly provide evidence so you can make wiser decisions. Risky behaviors, meeting other men or having a questionable way of life are all signs of a potential gold digger. Do not send money, and do not be a victim!  Get professional help to learn the facts.

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