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Long Distance Relationships Under Philippines Detectives Radar

Long Distance Relationships Under Philippines Detectives Radar

Long distance relationships are complicated most of the times. Technology helps couples remain close in a certain way, but both parties are living separate lives, surrounded by completely different people and circumstances, and this normally builds up tension between couples. However, long distance relationships with Filipinas have a particular risk that can’t be avoided: the increased risk of deceit.  Even the most cautious and skeptical can be victim as internet relationships become increasing difficult to verify.

Many Filipinas are known for having long distance relationships with several men at the same time for financial gain. After all, life is difficult in the Philippines, and some women are willing to break the law to get income, and set aside morals in the process.  Romance fraud has become a means to make a decent living when there are not many options available. The economic situation with the pandemic measures has triggered a wave of unemployment, that ends in increased romance fraud rates.

Every day,  detectives in the Philippines are getting more requests from men who want know more about their girlfriends or wives in the Philippines. Traveling bans and lockdowns have also worsened things, as people were forced to stay apart for long periods. For all of these cases, local investigations and surveillance come in handy.

Taking advantage of surveillance in the Philippines

Many of the surveillance cases conducted show alarming evidence and clear proof of fraud, scam, false identity, infidelity, and other irregular situations. Having eyes and ears on the ground in the Philippines can make all the difference when there is a situation of abuse and deceit. Nobody wants to be taken for a ride, especially when money and real feelings are involved.  Need to know if your partner or girlfriend lives at the address he or she provided?  Need to know if he or she is living alone, or where they go at night?  Need to learn more about their reputation and character through informants?

If you are dealing with an internet or long-distance relationship with someone from the Philippines, be wise and hire a local private investigation firm as soon as possible, even if you do not notice any suspicious behavior. Unfortunately, given the number of cases of marriage fraud and online scams, people need to be wary and skeptical.

Hire professionals for this task

Expert investigators say surveillance in the Philippines can be a risky business, and it’s essential to hire professionals that can guarantee the service is discreet and confidential, and that the subject will not be made aware of the investigation.  Untrained investigators may be inexpensive but using such services can lead to failed investigations where the goal is never achieved and it may bring negative consequences if the subject learns they are being investigated.  This is not a job for an amateur.  The right training, experience and tools are critical to a successful surveillance operation, so get it right he first time.

Philippine PI detectives encourage people to proceed with surveillance whenever they have suspicions of infidelity, fraud, or when their gut instinct tells them something is not right.  Also, prior to marriage, it is critical that a comprehensive background check and local investigation be carried out, along with discreet surveillance, to minimize the risk down the road.  Getting the facts and evidence for our clients is what we do.  Contact us today!

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