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Traveling to Philippines to Meet an Online Date

Traveling to Philippines to Meet an Online Date

The Philippines is one of the world’s preferred romantic destinations. Hundreds of travelers visit every year this country to finally meet in person that special someone.  Traveling to meet someone you have been involved with online can be exciting, but it can also be a total waste of time and money -not to mention a very dangerous endeavor- if you do not take the necessary precautions.

The biggest danger while using dating apps and sites comes down to identification. “Confirming anyone’s identity is a difficult task that should be handled by professionals only,” says Nathan Mendoza, Director of Background Checks at Philippine PI. How do you confirm someone from the Philippines is who they say they are before taking the decision to meet them in person?

The first step in proceeding with caution is to hire a background check investigation. Philippines private investigators advise those who have an online relationship to hire a professional that can make sure the person you have been communicating with is real and trustworthy. The first important aspects that a background check should cover are identity verification, marriage, name and DOB, and criminal records. Why is this step so important? The greatest risk of being in an online relationship is that the person might not even exist, which is an indication you’re in trouble. Scammers pose to be someone else because they want to take advantage, and they will do it one way or another. Although Philippines fiancé visa scams are some of the most known issues with online crime, the risks of traveling can be much more serious, like exposing yourself to kidnap, extortion or other crimes.

No one should travel to a foreign country to meet someone unless they know the basics and have had that person verified. Is she real? Is she married? Is she a criminal? The answers to these simple questions will give you a clear initial view if this is someone worth pursuing.

Once this first stage is completed and if everything seems fine and clear, the next stage is local investigation and surveillance.  Taking a step forward to learn more about the person you want to meet is an extremely important thing to do when in an online relationship. Long distance helps fraudsters maintain relationships with several people at the same time, and their only goals could be to get a hold of your hard earned money. Local investigation and surveillance in the Philippines helps people understand better the real living situation of a person. Does she meet other men? Is she living with someone else? What is the real character of this person vs what they have presented?

For couples who meet at the workplace or through friends, it is easy to understand and know what the background and the real life of their significant other is like, because they share something. But for those who live thousands of miles apart, the options are to investigate or to trust what they have been told, and the Philippines is unfortunately not a place known for trustworthy people.

Finally, traveling has its risks even if it is not for romantic purposes. The U.S. Department of State issues travel alerts and warnings on an ongoing basis, and travelers to any region should check for notices before leaving home and while abroad, if possible. Some areas of the Philippines pose a higher risk than normal because of continued violence linked to insurgency and Islamic terrorism in the south of the country. Make sure you understand the risks before starting the adventure!

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