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Philippines Fiancée Visa: Be Safe, Get a Professional Background Check

Philippines Fiancée Visa: Be Safe, Get a Professional Background Check

Are you thinking about getting engaged? Engagement and of course marriage comes with major risks.   But when you are getting engaged to someone from a whole different country and a whole different culture, the risks are even greater. If you have not met the individual in person, or if the relationship began online, the dangers increase exponentially, and verification is critical.

Thousands of men from foreign countries like the United States, Australia, Canada or the U.K. are victims every year of Filipina romance scams. For many Filipinas, getting engaged with a foreigner can be the easiest way out of poverty or other social issues.  Because it is so common, many Filipinos turn a blind eye to this scamming activity, and even family members can approve of it, since it means income.  Looking for a better life outside the Philippines is not uncommon, but others are just trying to make a profit and take advantage of the situation to make a better life, no matter what the cost.

When should you consider a background check?

Philippines investigators recommend hiring a professional background check investigation whenever someone is involved in a relationship from the Philippines. The Philippines is a high risk country for fraud and romance scams, and there is no need for a red flag. “It is not necessary to wait for something strange to happen,” says Nathan Mendoza, Director of Background Checks at Philippine PI. Many people are waiting for a sign that things are not right, like catching their partners in a lie or things just not adding up.  Romance scams are so common in the Philippines that this should be enough reason to conduct a background check on any girlfriend, partner or boyfriend from the country.

Fiancée Visa: The Lottery Ticket

Fiancée visas are the lottery ticket for thousands of women in the Philippines. It is the only way out in their quest for a better life.  Many others will use the excuse of a fiancée visa in order to take financial advantage. Requesting financial help to start the process of a fiancée visa is the modus operandi of many online criminals in the Philippines. They will play with several victims at the same time and live out of these money requests.  It is simply another form of advance fee fraud.  Being able to tell the truth from the scam is part of the work of professional investigators in Manila.  Professional investigators verify a subject’s identity, her background and all information and documents, so you can make an informed decision and be protected from marriage fraud.

What you need to know before hiring a professional

In order to uncover enough evidence, it is important to know some basic information like a full name, a date of birth and an address. After all, if you are planning to get married to this person, it’s the least you should know.  The more information you can provide, the more investigators can verify.  Investigators can verify birth records, marriage status, address, education, employment, criminal and court records, travel history, passport and visa samples, and more.  If someone won’t tell you about themselves, then this is a major red flags and it’s time to consult a professional for advice.

Invest in your safety

Remember that you will be responsible in some extent for the actions of the person that you are bringing into your country.  Marrying a fraud or someone with bad intentions is a legal nightmare. The whole process is risky and you need to be extremely sure of what you are doing. Hire a professional to conduct a thorough background check investigation in the Philippines to stay safe!

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