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Philippines Love Scams Regaining Strength

Philippines Love Scams Regaining Strength

It is hard to believe that despite the amount of alerts that are widely featured in the news every day, dating scams continue to be the most popular kind of fraud. The Philippines is recognized worldwide as one of the highest countries for this kind of criminal activity, and even though people generally understand that the risks are high, they continue to get involved with Filipinas.

Victims all over the world, many of them over 60 years old, are getting taken in romance fraud schemes for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some are even losing their life savings, all because they thought the person on the other side of the screen was their one true love.

The anonymity of the Internet allows criminals to approach their victims using any name they want, any looks they like, any life story they wish. Fraudsters are always finding new ways to trick people into handing over money or entering into a false relationship. They invest a huge amount of time and effort into building a relationship with someone, knowing that they can potentially reap a bigger reward as they build trust and intimacy. So while many decent men and women sit in front of the computer chatting with whom they’re convinced is their perfect match, the reality is that they are being scammed. According to local Philippines investigators, suspicion of a romance scam is the most common reason why people request background checks in this country.

At one point in time, we’ve all probably accepted a Facebook friend request from someone we don’t know or engaged in some kind of risky behavior online. The problem with most of the victims is that they decide to turn a blind eye on red flags, instead of hiring a professional dating background check as soon as possible. Many of the victims are afraid to investigate because they feel this might ruin their chances in case the person is legit. The fear of making a mistake or of doing something that may affect their relationship prevents them from taking care of their own safety, so they continue to maintain contact with the scammer even after recognizing the red flags.

Investigators state that being certain that the person you are in touch with is honest is priceless. To avoid disappointment, it’s important to never assume anything from a potential partner’s online profile. The only way to know for sure is by conducting a comprehensive background check -and surveillance in the Philippines if necessary- to verify the facts. Professional investigations can be carried in a discrete and confidential manner, without the subject learning about the investigation at all. This is especially helpful for all of the people who fear to investigate because it may blow up their chances of having a great relationship.

Online dating sites are also full of real people who are just looking forward to meet someone they like, but it pretty much depends on you to find the right people and to be careful and cautious enough to stay away from the scammers. There are lots of genuine people out there; you just need to be cautious and when in doubt, gather the evidence you need.

If you met someone from the Philippines, contact us and get them verified!

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