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Seeking Love in the Philippines? How to Stay Safe

Seeking Love in the Philippines?  How to Stay Safe

There are many websites available to assist in making love connections both domestically and internationally. They provide great ways to meet men or women who are not necessarily geographically close to you. With the many strides in technology you can connect in very real ways with someone on the other side of the world, including in the Philippines.  The country in fact is known for its brides who often emigrate to countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia.  Foreign brides and the Philippines in fact have a long history, and with that history has come some problems.

If you are searching for the “one” and turn to the internet, you want to be careful about your selection!  These days, it can be hard to verify someone you’ve met in person.  Verifying someone from the other side of the world, who you’ve never met in person can be extremely difficult.  In the Philippines, there is a high risk for fraud and scams, so extra caution is advised.  A proper background check investigation is your best bet in minimizing your risk, and finding real love rather than a real scam.

Protect not only your investment, but yourself, especially if you plan to travel abroad to meet your potential significant other. Unfortunately international internet dating sites are ripe with scams. You need to be careful not to find yourself spending time, money and wasting emotions on someone’s attempt to make money.  Anything is possible in the Philippines.

How to avoid being a victim in your search for love?

  1. Do careful research on dating websites before you sign up. Read reviews and check for past scams before committing your money and time to a particular one. Be sure that they are reputable and have proven ways to help you meet the right person. Reach out to friends and family who share similar dating experiences for tips and advice.   Remember that no website is 100% immune from scammers, but some sites are safer than others.
  2. Research potential mates. It is important to know as much as you can about the person you are entering into a relationship with prior to meeting them. This is especially important when that person resides in a different country. Invest in a background check for those individuals you plan to possibly date, it can save you a lot of heartache in the long run!
  3. Travel safely. After weeks or months of online chats, you decide this person is right for you. At this point you may consider traveling for a personal introduction. If you plan to meet your potential love connection in the Philippines, make sure to take the time and familiarize yourself with the country and area you plan to visit. Make others back home aware of your specific plans and arrange for a secondary contact in the Philippines that you can trust- you may run into unforeseen problems and need assistance while there. Be wary of the location where introductions will take place; a public area is generally a good idea.
  4. Get a dating background check or even surveillance from a qualified and trained Philippines investigation company prior to committing to a serious relationship in the Philippines.  Look for investigator websites who are verified by Truste, McAfee or the U.S. Better Business Bureau and who have real contact information on their website, and reviews on the internet.  Never send money to someone in the Philippines claiming to be an investigator.
  5. Don’t give out personal information. There are a lot of wonderful people looking for love on the internet, but sadly criminals prey on the vulnerability of those looking for meaningful relationships. Be cautious of any sites or individuals asking for financial or detailed personal information such as your social security number. Other than needing a credit card for website billing purposes, this information should not be needed or requested.
  6. Learn about Filipino culture. The Philippines is full of wonderful men and women, just tread carefully in order to find the right ones. You want to learn about their culture and customs not only for safety reasons. It is imperative to show respect while visiting their country and this can be achieved through understanding what is important to them.
  7. Never send money to anyone you’ve never met or have had verified, period.

The Philippines is a great place to search for love, just take your time and be careful along your journey.  Philippines investigators have worked more than 1,000 cases of background checks and surveillance, so their wisdom, experience and training can be instrumental in your success!

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