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Philippines Romance Scammers Take Advantage of Covid-19

Philippines Romance Scammers Take Advantage of Covid-19

The world might be on a lockdown, but there is nothing that will stop romance scammers from trying to take advantage of people and victims. Philippines romance scammers know that people are more confused and vulnerable during this crisis, a fact that works in their favor.

Expert investigators in the Philippines are expecting an increase in romance scams. There are several reasons why fraud will rise. For one, the global recession will leave many people unemployed, many companies will go bankrupt, and the cost of living will increase. This translates into more people who will not be able to meet their basic needs, and therefore an increase in crime.

Another reason is that the fraudsters who were already operating scams online will have more benefits. Traveling bans to the Philippines will avoid foreigners from entering the country, which means better chances to handle several romance victims at the same time online, and better chances to make up all kinds of stories. If the victim cannot travel, they cannot see for themselves if the scammers claims are legitimate.  More Filipinos will become desperate in a recession, and some of those desperate people will turn to online dating scam sand internet fraud to get money.

Covid-19 is making a lot of people sick worldwide, and a lot of them are also having trouble with their medical coverage too. Scammers will use this as an excuse to request funds. We all know that coronavirus can potentially kill someone, or it can leave people with a great debt. In this situation it is easy to pull heart strings. No one wants their girlfriend or fiancée to be going through a hard situation on their own, so many will be willing to help before verifying if the story is true.

Don’t let your fear or feelings get in the way

Human kindness is a wonderful thing, but in a country with such a great risk for romance scam and fraud there is no space for unconditional help. It is absolutely necessary to conduct an investigation to verify the person in question, to make sure they are not lying about their identity, their living situation or their intentions.  Be skeptical of anyone asking for your personal data, money or help.

To avoid being a victim, contact a professional

Local private investigators in the Philippines will provide the necessary evidence. Information is required to make smart decisions. A dating background check investigation can confirm if the person you are communicating with is who he or she claims to be, but you might need to go further than an identity verification in these cases. Surveillance is also an option for more detailed evidence.

Local investigators on the ground can be your eyes and ears during the travel ban and can let you know what the real situation is. Surveillance may be the best option to avoid falling victim.   If you’re primary concern is infidelity, living situation, character and activities, surveillance is advised.

Covid-19 and recession are already bad enough

In the current situation, no one can afford a scam or having their hard-earned money stolen. The economic crisis that is heading towards all of us is big and bad enough. The virus could hurt ourselves or our family members. This is no time to put ourselves at more risk.

Contact us for a free investigation quote if you have met a Filipina online, or if you are having a long distance relationship with one. We can hep you find out the truth!

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