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Philippines Surveillance – Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

Philippines Surveillance – Your Eyes and Ears on the Ground

Nobody ever thinks they will be in a situation in which having someone followed is the only option to staying safe. However, professional surveillance services in the Philippines continue to grow due to the ever increasing cases of fraud, scams and infidelity.

On one hand, the Philippines has turned into a country where many people escape to start a new life. It is a preferred destination for foreign men who want to start a new relationship with a young woman, without having to discard their marriage. Thousands of miles separate a wife and family in the U.S. from a young Filipina, which makes it easier for those who want to live a double life. There are also those who have a long distance relationship with someone in the Philippines, and they have no way of knowing if their lover is honest and faithful.

Professional investigators are conducting surveillance in the Philippines every day to find evidence of cheating husbands and wives.  Surveillance is also critical in obtaining evidence for insurance fraud, online dating, and pre-marital cases. Frequently, spouses and those involved in online dating or long distance relationships are faced with the only option of hiring surveillance to get the evidence they need.  Expert surveillance is discreet and confidential, and can verify a subject’s identity, address, living situation, reputation, relationships and more.

This is one of the highest risk countries for romance scams. Long distance relationships are very common here and thousands of Filipinos scam foreigners as a living. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, American nationals were preferred by Filipino women, while Filipino men prefer setting relationships with Australian women.

Many of these relationships are based on a lie and have the only purpose of deceiving the foreigner and taking advantage of their money. Scammers talk to their victims online, stage a whole relationship and even meet with them in person once in a while. But that is just part of the play. Romance scammers are most likely playing the same game with other people. They might even be married with a local man or woman, who accepts and supports this way of living as long as it brings money into the household. That is why having eyes and ears on the ground is so important for those who are not sure if they are being played. Relationships require a lot of effort, time and (in some cases) money. Surveillance can help anyone with a long distance relationship know if they are investing well all these resources.

Suspicions of an unfaithful or dishonest partner are the number one reason why people get surveillance, but there are many other situations where it is critical. Surveillance can also be extremely helpful for those parents who live separated from their children and want to make sure their kids are well cared for. Parents and relatives of adult people who move to the Philippines often want to learn if they are doing fine or involved in trouble. Insurance companies also use surveillance to confirm claims of injury and even death, as the Philippines is also known for the ability to forge anything and fake even one’s own death.

The good news is that having a professional investigation team on the ground is within your reach. So regardless of the reasons why a person may need surveillance, whether it is personal or business related, Philippine PI investigators will work to uncover the evidence.

Having eyes and ears in the Philippines will help you turn things in your favor and make wise and informed decisions. Contact us today for a free and confidential quote.

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