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How Philippines Private Investigators Save Lives

How Philippines Private Investigators Save Lives

The profession of a private investigator is often linked to infidelity, fraud and scam. The main purpose of a private investigator is to provide people with important information that can help them make better decisions in life: getting or not romantically involved with someone, starting or not a new business deal, etc. But many times private investigators also deal with life threatening situations, where authorities won´t get involved or cannot get involved. Investigators from our Philippine PI team have put together a list of situations that have been part of their professional work experience, and that may help you determine whether or not an investigation will be helpful.

Keep in mind that the cases below are part of the real experience of our investigators in Manila and Cebu, and although no details will be mentioned, it is important to know there is a professional firm in the Philippines who can help you with any of these situations.

Drug abuse

Unfortunately, touristic places are also some of the major drug consumption places.  The Philippines is now a trendy destination for many young tourists in search for fun, and this has carried some negative consequences. Although drug laws in the Philippines are very tough, dealers have seen an important niche in tourists and are “working hard” on finding new prey, new consumers.  Our private investigation team has been contacted mostly by parents and family members of young adults, who have traveled to the Philippines for vacations but somehow got stuck in the country, prey of drug abuse.  It is very important to mention that professionals are required to handle such delicate situations. Surveillance helps parents learn about their whereabouts and find suitable ways to help them.

Violence, assault and harassment

Investigators in Manila have also been witness to all sorts of cases of violence, but probably the most striking cases are related to domestic violence, especially when it involves children. Surveillance and local investigations have been extremely helpful in cases where children are being neglected by one of their parents or where concerned family members are trying to find out whether or not someone is a victim of violence. Child neglecting is a major problem in the Philippines and these children are being used every day for trafficking, sexual abuse and more. Many victims refuse to let people know about their real situation out of fear of being harmed, and private investigations can be useful for those who are trying to help stop the violence cycle and get evidence for an attorney.

Special health conditions

Philippines private investigators have also helped locate elder people and people with special health conditions that for some reason stopped taking their medication, and are therefore in danger. Authorities are unable to step up in cases where people are not officially lost, but who have voluntarily gone missing. The problem is, some of these cases involve people who have special health conditions –mental health disorders, Alzheimer´s, etc- and who may not be 100% conscious of the decisions they are taking. Locating these patients on time could be the difference between life and death.


Whether it is an acquaintance or a stranger online, many people have been victim to Philippines extortionists. Investigating the source of the extortion is extremely important, not only to protect the victim, but also to help them handle the pressure that such a situation implies. A local investigation, and in some cases even a background check in the Philippines, can make a big difference, it can provide victims with peace of mind and it can ultimately save a life.

Investigators’ job is not only to take photos of cheating spouses. There are serious and complicated situations that may be affecting you and your family, and you may require the assistance of professionals with experience. Contact us and let us help you save a life!

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