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From Manila to Cebu, Philippines Investigators Help Fight Fraud

From Manila to Cebu, Philippines Investigators Help Fight Fraud

Private investigators in Manila and Cebu may not be superheroes, but they certainly are an important resource in the fight against fraud. Unfortunately, the Philippines is a country known  for having high corruption and fraud levels that severely damage business operations and that represent important risks for individuals too.  Doing business in the Philippines requires serious risk mitigation.

The problem with fraud in the Philippines begins at the very core of the country. According to the Business Anti-Corruption Portal, extensive bribery within the public administration and vague and complex laws make foreign companies vulnerable to extortion and manipulation. The generalized idea that anything can be forged or faked in the Philippines makes it even worse and encourages a black market, as well as fake passports and death certificates, to thousands of fake online profiles.

Fraudsters thrive in the Philippines because they make a good profit. Either they take advantage of the loneliness of foreigners through dating scam techniques, or they openly sell their fraudulent services without any fear of being caught or prosecuted.  Whichever the criminal’s goals, the Philippines is the place to make it happen… illegally.  For this reason, individuals and companies entering the Philippines, doing business or starting a new relationship, must be smart and verify the facts.

“In over a decade we have investigated thousands of cases of Filipina romance scams, but we have also helped companies and people avoid becoming victims of investment fraud, identity theft, extortion and many other crimes”, says Charles Alden, CEO of Philippine PI.  The key is prevention.

How do investigators fight fraud in the Philippines?

Philippine PI professional investigators are located in Manila and Cebu, and have extensive experience in conducting background check investigations, surveillance, company verifications, due diligence and more. Having the proper training, knowing the language, the law and the proper authorities is essential to obtaining relevant information and evidence clients need to avoid fraud.

When should you consider hiring a private investigator in the Philippines?

Everyone who has a personal or business deal in the Philippines should consider hiring a private investigator to verify the facts.  If you have recently met someone for business or a personal relationship, consult a professional investigator early to minimize you risk.

If you plan to have a romantic relationship with a Filipina, it is important to verify that she is who she claims to be and that her intentions are honest. Marriage fraud to obtain a visa or change immigration status is one of the most popular scams in the country.  Not to mention romance scams where the object is pure financial gain.  Each year, there are many thousands of victims.

For those who are planning an investment or want to expand their business in the Philippines, professional investigators can assist with employment screenings, company verifications, or even surveillance.  Dating background check investigations also can play a key role in determine if you are a victim or not.  The sooner you get the evidence, the sooner you’ll know the truth.

Business or personal, people invest time, money and effort in their relationships in the Philippines. Contact us for a free quote and make sure your investment is safe!

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