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Valentine’s Day Boosting Romance Fraud Cases in the Philippines

Valentine’s Day Boosting Romance Fraud Cases in the Philippines

Many people experience the single during Valentine’s Day syndrome, which is essentially feeling lonely and craving for a date during the holiday season. This is a common thing when Valentine’s or other holidays are close, and friends are spending this special time with their loved ones. No one wants to be alone, but don’t rush to find a date and be careless.

You do not want to connect with a scammer this Valentine’s Day! Private investigators in Manila say the Philippines is usually a hot destination for single men looking for love. Before the pandemic foreigners would travel to the Philippines in their search for love, but now many decide to try online dating services first in search for Filipinas to establish a new relationship. Looking for love online can be fun, however it can also lead to heartbreak and bankruptcy, as scammers look to exploit vulnerable people.

Don’t assume you won’t be a victim

One of the most important things to understand in the online romance scam cases is that it is conducted by professional criminals and expert liars.  They study their victims to learn about their soft spots, and then they exploit these weaknesses. Most victims are senior, recently divorced or widowed, but this doesn’t mean criminals limit their operations to these people only. The truth is that anyone can be a victim, regardless of their status, age or profession.

Traditionally scammers meet their victims on dating sites or apps because this ensures the victim was looking for someone special, an easy target.  However, social media has overtaken online dating sites as the most common way for dating and romance scammers to contact potential victims, which is why accepting friend requests or engaging in conversations with strangers is a dangerous move!  Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms are full of fake profiles of scammers, who will take their time to get to know the victim well and understand their interests and motivations. Then, they will work on using this information in their favor.  Developing trust is the criminal’s weapon.  Often, making plans to meet and sharing grand declarations of love is part of the game.  Always verify first, and then decide.

How to avoid being scammed this Valentine’s Day?

Prevention is the key. Unfortunately, as with other scams, once you lose money it is exceedingly difficult to recover it. An online dating verification conducted by a reputable private investigator in the Philippines is the best method to stop a criminal from getting away with a scam. Thorough dating background checks provide evidence of whether the person you met is really who they claim to be, or just someone trying to take advantage of you.

If you met a Filipina online recently, do not just hope for the best and forget to protect yourself.  Hire an investigator in the Philippines to obtain the evidence you need! If you have met her in person but you still feel like something is not right, consider surveillance and a local investigation. Sometimes the fraudsters are real and they use their real identities, but their intentions are not good. Local surveillance in the Philippines will allow you to understand this person’s daily whereabouts and relationship status, and it will clear any doubts you may have.

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