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Surveillance in the Philippines Exposing Infidelity and Fraud Cases

Surveillance in the Philippines Exposing Infidelity and Fraud Cases

Infidelity and fraud are the most popular reasons for surveillance in the Philippines. The country has been a hotspot for marriage and romance fraud for a long time, but the current situation with the coronavirus is increasing the amount of cases.  Private investigators in Manila and Cebu say there has been a startling rise in infidelity cases during the coronavirus lockdown, or at least the lockdown has made partners more aware of the red flags. With the world in shutdown, many suspicious partners are starting to notice things about their spouses they would normally overlook.

Surveillance is particularly important and useful for people in long distance relationships with a Filipina. For one part, not being physically there is a limitation to see for themselves what is really going on. The impossibility to travel makes it even harder.  The travel bans put more distance between those couples who are separated by thousands of miles, but in a way, it makes cheaters feel more relaxed. This has helped investigators uncover infidelity and romance fraud cases.

Hiring surveillance services

Surveillance is a very delicate type of investigation, as it requires investigators to be close to the subject and to follow their daily routine without being noticed, and without losing them on the move. This can only be achieved by professionals who are trained to do their job and be imperceptible while doing so. Hiring the wrong investigator can jeopardize the operation and alert the subject, which is why selecting experienced professionals is important.

It is important to mention that surveillance services are not intended to be intrusive in any way. Private detectives in the Philippines will follow a subject while they are in public spaces. The goal is to find out who they see and what they do while they are out in public. Private life remains private, which means private phone conversations and whatever happens inside a private home cannot be surveilled unless there is a court order. The good thing is that cheaters most of the times show their affection with their lovers in public, as long as they feel free or consider there is no risk to be caught -especially if their partner is in another country.  Professional investigators are your eyes and ears on the ground.

When is a good time to hire surveillance?

The pandemic has decreased people’s interest in going out, but this is not the case for infidelity. For one part, people who are having an affair are more eager than ever to go out and meet their lovers. When there is a will, there is a way! On the other hand, women who are using foreigners for a marriage fraud to get money or a visa will be showing their true living conditions. If they are married, having a relationship with a local or seeing other people, it can be uncovered during the surveillance investigation.  Surveillance can also uncover valuable information from informants.

If you are dealing with an internet or long-distance relationship with someone from the Philippines, be wise and hire a reputable and local private investigation firm with trained investigators as soon as possible, even if you do not notice any suspicious behavior. Unfortunately, given the amount of cases of marriage fraud and online scams, people need to be wary and skeptical. Having eyes and ears in the Philippines will help you turn things in your favor and make wise decisions.

The Philippines is a hot bed for all kinds of fraud, so finding a reliable and professional firm to conduct the surveillance is the key to finding the evidence you are looking for.

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