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Surveillance Services in the Philippines: Getting Evidence of Infidelity

Surveillance Services in the Philippines: Getting Evidence of Infidelity

People usually do not want to be in the situation of having to hire a private investigator to know the truth. In an ideal world, everyone would be honest and truthful. Unfortunately, it does not work like that in the real world and it is better to be skeptical than to be taken for a ride.

Surveillance services in the Philippines are among the most requested services for private investigators. The reason is often infidelity, potential romance fraud or scam.  Romance fraud has spread throughout the country as a means for “employment” to thousands of women. Some make the choice of dedicating to this voluntarily and work on their own. Other belong to criminal organizations and collect funds for them. Either way, crime cannot be stopped if people continue to fall victim.

Infidelity cases in the Philippines are mainly related to women who establish long distance relationships with foreign men through the internet. Many have met in person, but since their partners are away most of the time, they can have several relationships of the same type with other foreign men. Some of these women are in fact married to a Filipino and their husbands accept the situation because it brings good money to the household.  In some cases, a husband will pretend to be a cousin or neighbor when the foreigner visits, as the couple seek to cash in on the foreigner for money.

How does surveillance work?

It is important to know that surveillance services are not intended to be intrusive in any way. Private detectives in the Philippines will monitor a residence or place of business, and follow a subject while they are in public spaces. The goal is to find out who they see and what they do while they are out in public. Often times through discreet conversations, investigators can learn a great deal through informants, neighbors and co-workers about a subject’s character and private life.

When to consider surveillance?

If you are dealing with an internet or long distance relationship with someone from the Philippines, be safe and hire a local private investigation firm as soon as possible, even if you do not notice any suspicious behavior. Unfortunately, given the high amount of cases of marriage fraud and online scams, people need to be wary and skeptical. Having eyes and ears in the Philippines will help you turn things in your favor and make wise decisions.   Ignoring the risk can be a costly mistake!

Get the evidence you need!

Surveillance will help you have a better idea of your partner’s whereabouts, living situation and relationship status. Infidelity is not the only way in which someone can be dishonest. In many cases of romance fraud, women are not seeing other men but are lying about their financial status. They take advantage of the thousands of miles that separate them from their partners and make up stories of hardship to cash in on their victims’ hard earned money. If you have evidence, you are one step ahead. If your loved one is sincere, then you can move forward with more ease and have peace of mind.

Look for real professional help

Unfortunately, the Philippines is a hot bed for all kinds of fraud, so finding a reliable and professional firm to conduct the surveillance is critical.  Don’t waste your money on someone with no training experience or resources to get the job the done.  All Philippine PI™ investigators are trained professionals with a proven track records in military and law enforcement.  We have an A+ Rating with the U.S. Better Business Bureau and we get the job done right the first time.

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