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The Beginners Guide to Online Love in the Philippines

The Beginners Guide to Online Love in the Philippines

If you are one of the lucky ones who has found love online, you might want to double check that the person you met is the right one for you, someone worth of your time, energy and money.  Better yet, you might want to be sure the person exists!  Experienced private investigators from Philippine PI recommend hiring a professional to conduct a dating background check in the Philippines and make sure your romance is safe from fraud and scams.  The following are some of the important steps to remain safe.

Identity verification is a must, always

Online romance in the Philippines is full of scammers because there is good money in it. Filipinas know that foreigners are often attracted to them, and many try to take advantage of this appeal for their own benefit. In some cases, even their families force them into lying about their real identity and intentions, just as long as it means an income.

It is very important to verify whether the person you have been communicating with is real or using a fake identity. Romance scammers often build fake personas to lure their victims into sending money. It is a common practice as fake identities are harder to trace.

Confirming birth records is the first step, so make sure you ask your online friend for a date of birth and age. Other information like address, employment and education claims can also be useful to verify the identity.  An ID or passport or document is even better.

Remain vigilant for red flags

Many victims lower their guard thinking that scammers wouldn’t wait for so long, that they wouldn’t get into so much trouble to request a couple hundred dollars, or simply because their claims seem all too real. The bad news is: yes, scammers do wait that long (months and even years), they do put a lot of effort into scamming people so they go through all that trouble, and yes their stories are fake even though they seem real.  Private investigators in Manila, Quezon City, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro all advise to remain vigilant for red flags like money requests, regardless of how long you have been communicating, even if you’ve met in person and have been in a long-distance relationship for long.

Consider surveillance as an option

According to the experience of our private detectives in the Philippines, surveillance is recommended for those who have met in person but still remain in a long-distance relationship. It is common to find scammers who have several foreign partners at the same time. The distance helps with keeping various relationships and taking advantage of different men at the same time, always with promises of love and marriage.

Request help from professionals

It is hard to know the truth when you are separated by thousands of miles. Hiring professional investigators in the Philippines is the best way to obtain the evidence you need.  Philippine PI™ is based in the United States, is verified by McAfee, has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has been operating in the Philippines for 15 years, and has a significant amount of positive reviews online.  Why try to play the detective when you can rely on the experience of a professional investigator?

Dating background checks and surveillance in the Philippines are important tools to be able to see the whole picture. If you’ve met someone online from the Philippines recently, be safe and get that person verified.  Contact Philippine PI today for a free quote!

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