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Private Investigations in the Philippines Becoming Popular

Private Investigations in the Philippines Becoming Popular

Maybe the reason why private investigations exist and are popular is not the best of all: crime exists, fraud exists, and infidelity exists. In an ideal world people and companies would be one hundred percent honest and transparent, and verifying would not be a necessity. But since that is not the reality, especially not in the Philippines, prevention is the best tool we have to fight all the bad guys.

As internet scams become more and more prevalent around the world, internet users become more educated about the risks.  There are many articles and alerts out there warning about Filipina dating scammers, but for some reason, these criminals keep finding victims. Online fraud and scams continue to thrive as more and more people use the internet to meet people online or make business transactions. It is just natural that the more we are online, the more in danger we are.

However, not everything is bad news. Philippines private investigators have seen an important increase in the amount of investigations performed every year, as well as many more inquiries for services like dating background checks and surveillance in the Philippines. What this really means is that people are increasingly aware that prevention is the best way to avoid being victim.

Here are some of the reasons why you may need a private investigation:

Dating background checks.

At Philippine PI we have seen how Filipinas are some of the most popular women online. Thousands of foreigners are dating a Filipina online right now, but there is a major risk with dating someone you have never seen before. The internet lets people lie about their looks, occupation, marital status, job, and even identity! Basically anyone can make up a credible story online. Dating background checks in the Philippines are popular because many people are now aware of this fact, and they prefer to verify who they are dealing with before sending any money in or traveling all the way to the Philippines.


It is common amongst regular couples to hire surveillance because there is a suspicion from one of the parties that the other one is seeing someone else. Now imagine how important it may be in long distance relationships. Most of the surveillance in Manila that our investigators conduct are requested by a partner that lives in the U.S., the U.K. or another country. Not knowing what is going on when things get difficult is a major concern for couples who live far away. Surveillance gives people peace of mind, and helps them make wiser decisions in their relationships.

Overseas recruiting.

Companies nowadays have seen great potential in Filipinos. Private investigators can also help corporations and small businesses that are going through a recruiting process by conducting pre-employment screenings locally in Manila, Cebu or the city of origin.

Investment opportunities.

As with romance, Philippines is one of the favorite destinations to those who are looking for real estate investment. A private investigation will help you avoid fraud by verifying ownership and legal status of the property or properties involved.  Verify first, and then decide.  Making a bad investment can cost serious money and ruin your business or reputation.  Get clear evidence!

A professional private investigator offers many reliable services to help in many situations – from criminal cases to infidelity, due diligence and background checks. Just make sure you do your homework and deal with a company you can trust.  There are many scam investigators in the Philippines, and many amateurs offering services, even though they have no professional training.

Need an experienced investigator to help you with a confidential matter?  Contact us.

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