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Learning the Truth: Surveillance Solutions in the Philippines to Unveil Infidelity

In an ideal society, trust would reign supreme, and private investigators would become a thing of the past. Unfortunately, reality falls short of this ideal, making skepticism an important ally in settling the complicated nature of relationships. In the Philippines, surveillance services have become an indispensable resource for people seeking answers about infidelity and deception. […]

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Philippines Online Criminals Profiting from Social Media

One of the main resources for online criminals today is social media, mainly because it has become indispensable for a great majority of the people in the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social platforms are the greatest banks of personal information we have ever seen and criminals know very well how to take […]

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Some Red Flags to Keep in Mind When Dating Online

Are you a fan of Filipinas dating websites? Literally thousands of men around the world are looking for a romantic partner in the Philippines every day. Many have been lucky to find the love of their life online, but many as well have been victim to fraud and scams, extortion and other crime. In fact, […]

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Philippines Surveillance – More than Infidelity and Cheating

Surveillance is one of the most iconic tasks of a private investigator. Every time we picture an investigator we imagine them following someone with a secret camera and trying to remain unseen.  Private investigators in the Philippines conduct many different tasks, from dating background checks to due diligence for corporations, asset searches and criminal cases. […]

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