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Philippines Investigators See No End to Romance Scams

Philippines Investigators See No End to Romance Scams

Despite years of warnings from the media, law enforcement and private investigators, the number of reported romance scams in the Philippines remains high and shows no sign of abating.  The mix of poverty, limited economic opportunity, and a high percentage of English speaking internet users continues to drive more Filipinas and Filipinos to internet fraud and scams.  Where there is limited opportunity, such scams against foreigners can be profitable, and too good to pass up.  Extra caution is advised in Philippine dating.

Ethics aside, more women (and men) in the Philippines are turning to romance scams for income.  Some use false photos, other use their real photos and false information, and still others use their real photo and real information, and then work to gain their victim’s love.  The foreigner often will even come to the Philippines to meet the family.  Once the hook is set, the financial problems and requests for money come rolling in!

Philippines romance scams are booming and never before has a professional dating background check been so important.   Experts say even the most cautious and the most skeptical can be a victim, so it’s essential to consult a reputable private investigation firm to verify your online contact.  And the sooner the better.  Investigators say many clients decide to contact a private investigator after the damage is done, and money is lost, rather than early in the relationship.  Consumers should think of a background check early.

In other cases where the subject has met his partner, and the relationship has progressed past the internet, the risk for scam and fraud, and infidelity remains high.  In these cases, prudent Philippines investigators can conduct Philippines surveillance to verify the subject’s activity, living situation, relationships, and investigate for infidelity, romance scam or marriage fraud.  Keeping your fingers crossed is not a strategy.

As with romance scammers in Eastern Europe in Russia and the Ukraine, as well as West Africa in Nigeria and Ghana, and Malaysia and many other countries, the goal is to gain your trust and then your money.  Other Filipinas may just be seeking a better life and visa to live in Australia, the U.S., U.K. or Canada.

Investigators say it’s important to understand that no dating website or social network is 100% immune from fraud and scams.  There are simply too many users.  It’s up to the subscriber and the consumer to verify their partner, and in many cases, a trained private investigator can deliver valuable evidence so you can make an informed decision.  The NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and PNP (Philippines National Police) have made some progress in the fight against fraud, but the truth is that criminals are on step ahead.

Stay safe and verify your online dating partner in the Philippines!

All the best,

C. Wright
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