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Tips to Remain Safe when Meeting an Online Friend in Person

Tips to Remain Safe when Meeting an Online Friend in Person

If you recently connected with a Philippines individual online, you’re probably eager to see them in person for the first time. But hold your horses, traveling without taking the proper preventive measures can be a costly mistake.  In extreme events, you could be kidnapped or abducted for ransom. Philippines private investigators advise clients to move cautiously and to keep your excitement from putting you in danger. It is better to hire a background check investigation before moving forward, rather than travel all the way to the Philippines  to find out your date is a scam and could pose a threat to your well-being.

Every day, people who have been duped by strangers they met online are reported to law enforcement. The National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police regularly post warnings about this situation for foreigners to be aware, yet too many people are still confident it will not happen to them even if they do nothing to lower the risk. The problem is there are significant dangers involved. If you meet a criminal in the Philippines or reveal your travel plans to one, you risk being hurt, stolen from or worse.

If you plan on traveling to the Philippines to meet your online date, be cautious and consult with a professional investigator to verify and reduce your risk.

Many people, particularly men from developed countries, become victims of love scams, extortion and blackmail, and other more serious crimes as a result of an internet relationship with someone they thought was a decent person. “Some victims have been in the online relationship for so long that the last thing on their minds is that it could all be a total hoax,” says Nathan Mendoza, Director of Private Detectives at Philippine PI.

The following are the recommendations of the Philippine PI team:

Keep in mind that the Philippines is a high-risk country.

Fraud can happen to anyone, regardless of how long you’ve known each other or how convincing the story of their life is. Love fraud is handled by professional scammers, so you could not only be extremely disappointed, but you could also end up putting your life in danger. Consider the possibility of fraud and educate yourself. Know that the danger is real, and the criminals who perpetrate the scams are skilled con artists.

Check the identity and background of the person.

Before you even consider purchasing a plane ticket, make sure the person you’ve been communicating with online is who she claims to be. A dating background check investigation in Manila, Cebu, or anywhere else in the Philippines is your best starting point.  This will provide you with the basic information that everyone needs to know before making a major decision. Numerous foreigners build relationships based on the information provided by the other party about themselves, including their name, place of residence, number of children, type of employment, etc. Being misled from the beginning of a relationship is terrible and learning that this has been going on for weeks or even years is much more heartbreaking. The sooner you find out, the better.

Contact us to gather the evidence you need before exposing yourself!

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