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Philippines Investigators Warn Against Employment Scams

Philippines Investigators Warn Against Employment Scams

The global economy is in shambles and even people in the developed world are facing serious economic hardships and depressed job markets. The United States is on the brink of the collapse after the irresponsible spending spree by the Barack Hussein Obama administration, which has driven the U.S. into an extreme debt position. Global trade and investment opportunities are slim and as the dollar collapses, and the future of the Euro zone is uncertain, governments and people around the world are parking their money in the relative safe haven of gold. In the developing countries, life is at least as bad, if not worse. The Philippines is a center for outsourcing and investment, and the Philippines economy is hurting as a result of the global crisis. Limited job opportunities has fueled an increase in employment scams and false offers.

The Philippines may have gotten a bad reputation for romance scams and the exportation of brides seeking pure financial gain, but Filipino criminals are fast evolving. Employment scams and business fraud seem to be the next niche on their radar, and multi-national corporations with offices and operations in Manila have been impacted, as have many job hunters around the world. With limited opportunity, good business offers and employment opportunities can be hard to find. Criminal groups in Manila and Malaysia are now posting false job offers on major websites such as Monster, where the benefits and pay are great, and the requirements are flexible. The result? A lot of applicants sending their resumes to the desk of criminals in Manila or Kuala Lumpur.

In the past twelve months the Philippines and Malaysia, law enforcement such as the NBI and Hong Kong Police have been penetrating some scam operations which are sophisticated and commercially organized. This is the new form of organized crime, online and hidden behind a cluster of internet cafes or proxy servers, scammers can work from anywhere. Some recent arrests have been made, but where one internet criminal moves out, another moves in. After all, this is easy money for some crooks, and there are truly limited opportunities for honest employment, and experts say the bad economy is driving more crooks to the trade.

Philippines private investigators in Manila are busier than ever, verifying business and employment opportunities. Employment scams can include a false job posting on Monster or similar site, or can involve situations where a scammer contacts you directly at work, claiming to be a headhunter with a serious opportunity. The criminals know their targeted industry and pitch a credible story and offer. At some point, you’ll need to hand over your resume, and even a copy of your passport for the so-called “background check” requested by the employer. With these things in hand, the criminal now has enough to steal our identity. To drive the nail in the coffin, the scammer may even request a fee for processing, or his commission for landing you the opportunity. In short, the combinations are endless but the objective is to obtain your personal data and or payment.

If you’re interested in working for a new company, and have come across a great offer, contact the company directly and ask to speak their Human Resources department. Be very skeptical about revealing your personal data and resume and ID or passport copy. If you have any doubt, ask for references and contact a reputable private detective for a confidential Philippines background check to verify the offer.

Be safe and verify,

C. Wright
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