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More People Using Investigators during the Holiday Season

More People Using Investigators during the Holiday Season

Holidays are always a peak season for fraud and scam online. A number of things combined create an ideal context for online criminals to take advantage, and situations like infidelity and online fraud are also on the rise during the celebrations of the closing year.

Investigators in Manila and Cebu have traditionally reported an increase in surveillance services towards the end of the year. For Filipinos, the last months of the year and the beginning of January are times of big celebration. The Philippines is a predominantly Christian country, and although many of the feasts like Christmas, the feast of the Black Nazarene or the Santo Niño de Cebu are religious, nightlife is also enhanced by the celebration mood all around. People going out more often generates suspicion amongst couples, which results in more surveillance cases.

However, Philippines private investigators have also noticed an increase in the last couple of years in services like company background checks and other verifications. People seem to be more aware of online fraud and are taking action to avoid falling victim.  During the holiday season, scammers work overtime trying to defraud internet users with fake websites and offers.

The following are some of the situations why you may need an investigator in the Philippines:

Rental scams and fraudulent packages: Many people like to spend New Year´s Eve having a whole new experience. The Philippines is one of the favorite places for Americans and other foreigners to travel to, but travellers need to be cautious with holiday fraud. Fake companies posing as travel agencies make a lot of money during the holiday season with fraudulent packages. Ruining vacations can be very disappointing, not only because of the money lost but also because people have a lot of expectations about their trip. Before paying for a rental home, tours or a travel package, the best practice is to verify the company making the offer is real and trustworthy. Or, make sure that perfect rental even exists!  Making sure you will be safe and happy is a good investment.

Fake charities: Everyone´s heart is softened during this season. We would all like for children to be able to celebrate Christmas, get a decent meal and have a new toy to play with. And online criminals know we are more than willing to give out extra cash for those in need. While generosity is the theme of the season, it is vital that consumers exercise caution when donating to a charity. To avoid these scams, only donate money to charities you know and trust and make sure whomever is contacting you for the donation is a legitimate representative of the organization. Many Filipinos will be grateful with your donation, but the best policy is to verify before sending any money.

Online dating: Lots of people feel lonelier than ever during the holidays, and this makes them more vulnerable as well to online romance scams in the Philippines. It´s great to find someone with whom to share –even if it is remotely- the joy of the season, but be aware that many of the people out there are only interested in stealing your money. To be safe, get a background check.

Fraudulent websites and phishing: Consumers go crazy with buying gifts and many websites that appear to be selling popular brands could actually be fake. Consumers need to be aware that online criminal networks have become more sophisticated, and their ability to defraud consumers and legitimate businesses has increased significantly. Stealing people´s personal information and credit card data is one of the greatest goals of cyber criminals during the holidays, and although this is not a problem pertaining to the Philippines only, many criminals do operate from the Philippines.

Investment scam: Believe it or not, during holiday season investment scams have a peak too. Phony telemarketers and fake companies in the Philippines take advantage of how positive people feel to lure them into investing their savings. Be very skeptical if you get a call out of the blue about an investment opportunity, especially if it sounds like a great deal with no fallbacks or risk.

Be safe this holiday season! Take the time to verify and investigate.

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