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Choosing a Private Investigator in the Philippines

Choosing a Private Investigator in the Philippines

A lot of the people and organizations who contact Philippine PI for the first time have never hired a private investigation service. The need to look for these kinds of services is sometimes related to personal matters, like having met someone online, or to business matters like business expansion and recruitment opportunities. Regardless, all of them have the same need to stay safe and protect their own interests against fraudsters and scammers, which is also why being able to select the best investigation firm is important. Having relevant and reliable information before committing to anything important for your life or company is a key to success and to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The first step: Understanding the country

The Philippines has been categorized as one of the highest risk countries for fraud. Romance scams and big scale online fraud operating from Manila and other parts of Philippines are thriving like never before. More and more people from countries like the U.S., U.K., Australia and New Zealand are looking for background check investigations to try to determine whether they are being scammed or not. Businesses are also looking for ways to avoid losses. According to a recent survey, 54 percent of Philippine organizations indicated that they have experienced economic crime and fraud in the past two years, which increases the need for preventive measures.  There is a high risk.

The tools and the professionals that can help an individual or an organization avoid fraud are available. The problem is, in a country with such an incidence of scam, in how to select the right people.

What to look for in an investigation firm?

The first important thing to look out for is the company’s background. Philippine PI has been in business more than a decade offering private investigation services in the Philippines and is verified by the U.S. Better Business Bureau. In a country where companies are created and closed from one day to another, having a history that goes back more than twelve years is of great importance.

Another fact to consider is the quality of the professionals working for the firm. It is certainly not the same to hire an individual claiming to be an investigator, than hiring a company supported by an internationally renowned company such as Wymoo International. A professional investigation firm will work as thoroughly as possible to accomplish the clients’ goals, not only because it cares for its clients, but also because it needs to remain in business and to maintain a strong reputation.

Local investigators who know the language, the culture, and have proven backgrounds in law enforcement will be essential to be able to access the information you may need. The best intentions do not replace the work of a professional, no matter how much effort you put in the task. Having the know-how, experience and the necessary contacts is key to finding evidence.

So before selecting a private investigator in the Philippines, do some research about the organization or company. How long has the firm been in business? Do the investigators have experience in law enforcement? Get in touch with our professionals today.  We can help!

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