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What to Look for in a Philippines Private Investigation Company

What to Look for in a Philippines Private Investigation Company

Private investigations in the Philippines are in high demand now that companies are hiring again and people are returning to their regular lives. The unprecedented situation of the pandemic forced millions of people to socialize more online. It also forced companies to find new business partners and to look for the talent remotely. Many Filipinos started to work for companies in other countries. Others started romantic and business relationships with people thousands of miles away without even meeting each other once. The whole landscape changed and favored the internet world, but it has also brought risks that local private investigators can help avoid. In all these scenarios, the most important decision is how to find the right ally to investigate and obtain reliable evidence in the Philippines.  Proper verification is key to staying safe.

How to compare private investigation companies in the Philippines?

We are often asked about the differences between our professional service and the background checks and “investigations” that many websites offer. The most honest answer to this question is that Philippine PI offers a completely different service than most competitors.  Besides being backed by the top international investigation company, Wymoo International, the difference in our service is marked by our professionalism and high standards.  The Philippines market is loaded with unprofessional services that will cost a fraction, some are straight forward scam, others are basic and unprofessional services that will not provide reliable evidence.  Philippine PI is based in the United States and has a proven track record, an A+ Rating with the U.S. Better Business Bureau, countless positive reviews from real clients online, and much more.

Philippine PI has private investigators working the case on the ground, with a proven background in military or law enforcement and over 15 years of experience. We make sure that every relevant piece of information is verified directly at the source of information and not through third parties.  In order to achieve this, investigators need to be on the ground, they need to know which are the official sources of information (like the proper government offices to search for the most updated data), they have to know the law in the country and they need to speak the language. The outcome of such thorough investigation is reliable information and evidence that is useful to a client, not just a computer generated, automated and meaningless report.  Our reports are written by highly trained professional investigators and we focus on uncovering meaningful evidence.  Look for a company that takes the business seriously, that has a consistent method of carrying business and can always provide the same quality of service regardless of the case.

In these times, it is also important to consider how well can a private investigator treat your confidentiality too. Make sure the investigation firm has clear privacy policies in place, and that their website and platforms are secured. Data leaks are part of our everyday world, but nobody wants to be in the position of being hacked, or their private information shared.

Consider your options and the value of your business

If you believe that wise decisions need to be informed decisions, then do your homework and search for a professional private investigation company and not for the less expensive solution. Your initial investment might be higher, but finding the information and evidence you need and remaining confidential during the process is critically important.

If you need a dating background check in Cebu or Manila, or surveillance in the Philippines, or a company verification or Philippines due diligence investigation, contact us!

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