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Avoid Corporate and Investigator Fraud in the Philippines

Avoid Corporate and Investigator Fraud in the Philippines

Corporate executives and business owners in the Philippines have a complicated challenge to face in today´s world. Fighting corruption, minimizing economic losses, and promoting transparency is not so easy anymore, especially in a country where corruption and fraud are a common practice and seem to be part of everyday life.  Make no mistake, the Philippines is a high risk country!

Businesses with operations in the Philippines, franchises that are considering opening in the country and companies that outsource to the Philippines should pay special attention to how private investigations in Manila or Cebu could help them avoid problems.  These organizations should reinforce their investigation practices and protocols, particularly their due diligence and their recruiting processes.

According to private investigators from Philippine PI™, many companies still fail to properly screen their business partners and employment candidates, which may result in fraud, financial loss, trouble with compliance and more. Skipping a simple employment screening in the Philippines just to save money may actually put the whole business in danger, and the outcome can be catastrophic.

Avoiding corporate fraud is something that companies can achieve with the right tools and the right professionals.  That is the reason why our expert investigators offer tips and advice.

Tips to avoiding fraud in the Philippines

First of all, it is important to have an internal procedure within the company to make sure that all new business deals and all new candidates will be examined in the same way. Risk mitigation practices involve careful design of procedures and protocols.  The procedures should be clear to everyone, from the human resources director to the company lawyer, and they should also be transmitted clearly to the investigation firm that will be taking care of such examination.

Professional investigators in the Philippines can offer a standardized background check investigation, employment screening or due diligence service so that no matter what company or individual you deal with, you can have a comprehensive service to verify and stay safe.

Pay special attention to confidentiality. The information revealed throughout an investigation process could be worth a fortune in the wrong hands. Make sure confidentiality agreements and good communication practices are taken care of.  Trust is paramount in choosing an investigator.

It is also important to decide what information is relevant for your organization.  Thorough investigations will provide with relevant data that will minimize the risk, but you will be responsible for deciding what you need in order to feel safe. As general advice, the more information verified, the least the chances of fraud.  The more you can provide, the more investigators can verify.

And last but not least, make sure you hire the right private investigation company in the Philippines to assist your organization. There are very few professional and reputable investigators in the Philippines, so be skeptical, ask a lot of questions, and be sure you’re dealing with an expert with proper training, equipment and resources.  Don’t choose the cheapest you can find.  Hire the right company to do the job right the first time, and search the internet to see what others are saying.

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With over 10 years of experience and a proven track record, we can deliver the results you need, and treat your case in a discreet and confidential manner.  Never pay a so-called investigator by Western Union or bank wire to an individual.   Many scammers will steal your money and not even attempt to do the work.  Others will try to do the work, but have no professional training.

To be safe in the Philippines, it is essential that you work with a trained and reputable investigation company.  Take advantage of background checks, due diligence and surveillance to ensure the individual or company you’re dealing with is who they claim to be.  Don’t be a victim.

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