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Philippines Remote Services Increase Need for Background Checks

Philippines Remote Services Increase Need for Background Checks

Traditionally, outsourcing services internationally was necessary for big organizations and businesses only. However, the work market has shifted in the past few years, with a dramatic change in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. The Philippines has been one of the greatest markets offering remote offshore services for a while. The difference now is that the range of services goes from global shared services centers with thousands of employees to a simple individual working as remote personal assistant for an executive in the U.S.

Employment has changed a lot in a very short period. The Philippines is going through a rough economic situation at the time, driven by the Covid-19 containment measures that the government has taken. These damaging measures have increased the risk of fraud and scam without actually preventing the spread of the virus. On top of this, the Philippines used to export health professionals to different countries that have now closed their borders to foreigners. Hundreds of thousands of people are facing unemployment due to this. Despite this situation, many Filipinos have found a solution to earning an income in the remote work market.  Hiring remotely comes with a serious risk for fraud, but this risk can be mitigated with proper professional background check investigations.

Freelance job networks have become an alternative to traditional work. These platforms feature an easy way for companies to find the talent or services they need, and for the specific time frame or project they require. Businesses save money and time, and many Filipinos have turned to remote freelancing as their main income source.

As convenient as it may sound, there are important factors that cannot be ignored. Yes, it is great to be able to hire someone for a few hours a week to help with small tasks instead of having someone else on-site sitting around most of the day because there is not enough work. It is extremely beneficial to easily find people with the specific skills-set you require for a project. However, convenience should not let us forget that safety is first in every work relationship.

The remote work market has highlighted the importance of employment background screenings in the Philippines. Certainly, the work environment conditions have changed, but it is still equally important to be able to trust your employees (or contractors) with your business affairs now than it was before when people worked on-site. Regardless of how simple a job may be, there is always a risk involved. The slightest hiring mistake can be very costly, and with remote jobs the risks for fraud increase.

If you are considering hiring someone remotely in the Philippines, do not skip the background check investigation. A professional private investigator in Manila can verify the candidate’s identity, employment history, education, references, court and criminal records, address and reputation, and verify the authenticity of any documents, passport or ID sample. This will in turn seriously reduce your risks of a bad hire.

Keep in mind that the risks of a bad hire remain even if you are planning to hire someone on a temporary or contractor basis.  Get clear evidence BEFORE you make a hiring decision.  The best way to be safe is to verify the facts, and it’s a small investment when compared to the benefits of knowing you have made the right decision.

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