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Manila Private Investigators Offer Philippines Background Checks

Manila Private Investigators Offer Philippines Background Checks

Despite the rising amount of alerts that are widely featured in the news every day, online scams originating in the Philippines continue to thrive and grow. The Philippines is recognized worldwide as one of the highest countries for this kind of criminal activity, and even though people generally understand that the risks are high, they still fail to be cautious enough to avoid being a victim.

Most of the thousands of victims worldwide admit they just didn’t think they could be easily deceived. The truth is that online criminals in the Philippines have vast experience in their fraud schemes and a lot of resources to make their stories convincing, while hiding any tracks that can lead to them. This is why professional private investigators in Manila have been offering background checks and other types of investigations to help people lower their risks and avoid getting involved with a fraudster.

When can a background check investigation help?

There are a number of reasons and situations that make a background check investigation worth the expense. The most popular in the Philippines are the Filipina romance scam cases. Fraudsters in the Philippines are always finding new ways to trick people into sending money over by deceiving them with false relationships. Scammers invest a huge amount of time and effort knowing that the reward will be good.  So, while many decent men sit in front of the computer chatting with whom they’re convinced is their perfect match, the reality is that many thousands are being scammed. A dating background check investigation in the Philippines is the most effective method to avoid falling in love with someone who does not exist, and to avoid losing money to an online criminal.

Professional background check investigations also help companies and individual investors around the globe who do not even suspect they could be dealing with a Philippines boiler room scam or a phony company. More and more people in the U.K., U.S., Canada and Australia rely on Philippines expert investigations to verify potential business partners or investments, conduct due diligence, and to lower their risk of being scammed or conned.  Background checks are the first step to identify if the person you are dealing with is real, reputable and free of a criminal past.

Companies with operations in the Philippines can also benefit of pre-employment screening services. Employment fraud and fake resumes are a serious problem worldwide, but the risk is especially high in South East Asian countries like the Philippines.

What should a background check include?

Philippines investigators say a comprehensive background check should include birth records, criminal, marriage and court records, and employment and education verification, address and passport records, verification of any ID or passport sample, and much more.  Also, a thorough background check investigation can include other information that the client might need to verify, such as professional licenses, travel history, and so on.  Depending on the type of relationship (whether personal or business), the investigator can focus on different verifications and deepen the investigation according to the client’s needs. All cases are customized to meet the client’s needs.

Background check investigations are a growing trend in Manila, Cebu and all the Philippines due to the high risk in the country.  Contact us today if you need to evidence to stay safe!

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