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Investigators Help Locate Loved Ones in the Philippines

Investigators Help Locate Loved Ones in the Philippines

Private investigators in the Philippines often work complex cases, those that go beyond a surveillance for an infidelity suspicion in Manila or a dating background check in Cebu, for example. Not everything is deceit in the investigation world. Sometimes we do have to investigate fraud in the deepest organized crime, but other times we bring families together. One of the most interesting things of working as a private investigator is that the outcome is sometimes very positive and with happy endings.  Finding missing loved ones and missing persons are a great example of these cases.

For certain clients, hiring a detective in the Philippines is not a matter of decision making. It´s a matter of the heart . Having a loved one missing is probably one of the saddest and terrifying things that anyone can imagine. Missing person investigations are especially helpful for families and friends who cannot accept being apart or not knowing what happened.  In many cases, police put such cases on the cold case file, or place the investigation on a low priority.  This creates a lot of frustration for family members, and many find answers and support from professional investigators.

There are many circumstances in life which separate people. Some people just go missing suddenly during a trip or during a regular day which was supposed to run normally. These are probably the most complicated cases. Unfortunately, it is common to contact a private investigator only when the trail has already run cold.  Experts say it’s important to contact an investigator early, when details and leads are still fresh.  The longer the time that has passed, the more difficult the investigation.

These cases involve the police most of the time and police do their best with the resources they have, but law enforcement has limited resources and sometimes they simply are not equipped to deal with the crimes. A local and professional private investigator can be a great tool and resource, an extra person working the investigation only for you, and focus only on your case.

Divorce, old resentments, adoption and sometimes life itself gets in the way and temporarily separates people. The U.S. Embassy in Manila offers some information on what to do when a U.S. citizen is missing in the Philippines, or when people are worried about his/her welfare and whereabouts. But the police and other authorities do not get involved with finding people who voluntarily leave home for obvious or unknown reasons.   People still need to find their loved ones, and often go it alone.

Missing person investigations can involve children trying to find their biological mother or father, an old love with whom contact was lost long ago, a dear friend who you don´t speak to since the last natural disaster, parents who long for talking again to their runaway children, and so on.  For investigators, the cases are challenging, but often they end in evidence that is comforting.  If a person is still alive and located, it can be a celebration.  If found out that a person has died, it can be closure.

A local investigator can access local records, speak to co-workers and informants, access public and government databases, conduct an investigation where the person may have been last seen or perhaps where clues indicate he or she might be, and uncover evidence that most individuals can’t.   An Internet search is a great starting point, but don’t fool yourself if you think that is all you can do.  For those that don’t want to be found, or those in a poor country, the Internet is of little value.

If someone you love has gone missing, or if you wish to reunite with an old friend, do your homework and see what you can find out.  Once you’ve gathered as much information and evidence as possible, contact a reputable private investigator to discuss your case and your options.

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